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Political parties: 10th Political Science

Question: What do you understand by Partisan?

Answer: A person who is strongly committed to a party, group or faction. Partisanship is marked by a tendency to make a side and inability to take a balance view on an issue.

Question: Name 3 components of a political party?

Answer: A political party has three components:

  1. The leaders
  2. The active members and
  3. The followers

Question: What is a political party?

Answer: A political party is a group of people who come together to contest elections and hold power in the government. Once they are in power, they try to enact laws and start programmes that promote the well being of all its citizens.

Question: What are the two major Questions that come to ones mind when we talk about political parties?

Answer: The two major Questions that come to our mind when we talk about democracies are, why do we need parties and how many parties are good for a democracy.

Question: How many parties are registered with the Election commission of India?

Answer: There are over 750 political parties registered with the Election commission of India.

Question: Mention the three major components of Political Parties.

Answer: The three major components of a political party are its leaders, the active members of the party and its followers.

Question: Why do we need to have a political party?


  1. Every candidate in the elections will be independent. So no one will be able  to make any promises to the people about any major policy change.
  2. The govt. May be formed but its utility will remain ever uncertain.
  3. Representatives will be accountable to their constituency for what they do in the locality. But no one will be responsible  for how the  country will be run.
  4. The rise of political parties is directly linked to the emergence of representative democracy.

Question: What is our party system?


  1. In some countries only one party is allowed to control and run the government. These are called one party system.
  2. In thina only the communist Party is allowed to rule.
  3. We cannot consider one party system as a good option because this is not a democratic option.

Question: What is 2 party system?

Answer: In some countries power usually changes between two main parties. Several other parties may exist, contest elections and win a few seats in the national legislatures.

Example: The United States of America – Democrats and Republicans

United Kingdom – labour and conservation

Question: What is multi-party system?

Answer: If several parties compete for power and more than two parties have a reasonable chance of coming to power.

Question: What is an alliance?

Answer: When several  parties in a multi party system join hands for the purpose of contesting elections and winning power. It is called alliance or a front. For example in India there were three such major alliances in 2004 parliamentary elections the NDA, UPA, and Left front.

Question: What are National Parties?

Answer: There are some country with wide parties which are called national parties.

These parties have their units in various states. But small and large, all these units follows the same policies, programmes and strategy that is decided at the national level.

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