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NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: India from the 4th Century CE to the 7th Century CE

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: India from the 4th Century CE to the 7th Century CE

Question: Who was Samudragupta?

Answer: He was a famous ruler of the Gupta dynasty.

Question: How do we know about him?

Answer: We know about him from a long inscription, which is a poem in Sanskrit composed by his court poet, Harishena.

Question: Where is this poem inscribed?

Answer: This poem is inscribed on the Ashokan pillar at Allahabad.

Question: What were prashastis?

Ans: Prashastis were poems composed by the court poets in praise of their rulers.

Question: During which dynasty did prashastis gain importance?

Answer: Prashastis gained importance during the Gupta dynasty.

Question: What does Samudragupta’s prashasti tell us?

Answer: Samudragupta’s prashasti tells us that he was a great warrior who woned several battles.

Question: Name the four different kinds of rulers described by Samudragupta’s court poet, Harishena.


  1. The rulers of Aryavarta
  2. The ruler of Dakshinapatha
  3. The inner circle of neighbouring states
  4. The rulers of the outlying areas.

Question: Banabhatta wrote Harshavardhana’s biography. What is the name of this book?

Answer: The biography written by Banabatta is called the Harshacharita.

Question: In which language is Harshacharita written?

Answer: Harshacharita is written in Sanskrit.

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