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Consumer Rights: 10th CBSE Economics

Question: How do the producers and consumers participate in the market?


  1. Consumers participate in the market when they purchase goods and services that they need.
  2. Producer participate in the market when they sell their goods and services to the consumers.

Question: Mention any four ways through which consumers.


  1. High price
  2. Adulteration
  3. Underweight
  4. Selling of poor quality goods.

Question: mention any two factors responsible for consumers movement.


  1. Due to dissatisfaction of the consumers as many unfair practices were being indulged in by the sellers.
  2. There was no legal system available to consumers to protect them from exploitation in the market place.

Question: Mention the factors which gave birth to consumer movement in India.

Answer: Food shortage, hoarding, black marketing, adulteration of food etc.

Question: Name an Act which enacted to protect the consumers.

Answer: Because the supervision of the rules is weak and the consumers movement is also not strong enough.

Question: Define Right to Information Act.

Answer: The RTI is an act which ensures citizen of India to get all the information about the functioning of government departments.

Question: Identify the right:
(1) You are dissatisfied with the services of a private airline. You file a case in the district consumer forum.
(2) Your friend has been sold a medicine that has crossed the expiry date.


  1. Right to Seek Redressal.
  2. Right to safety.

Question: Name the courts which have been set up under COPRA.


  1. District Consumer Courts.
  2. State Consumer Courts.
  3. National Consumer Courts.

Question: Name the court to which a consumers can approach if:
(1) Consumer has claim Rs. 40 lacs.
(2) Consumer has claim of more than Rs 1 crore.


  1. State Consumer Court.
  2. National Consumer Court.

Question: When is National Consumers Day celebrated in India? Give reason.

Answer: India has been observing 24th December as the National Consumers Day. It was on this day that the Indian Parliament enacted the Consumer Parliament enacted the Consumer Protection Act in 1986.

Question: What are final goods?

Answer: The goods which are consumed by the consumers are known as final goods.

Question: Who is a consumer?

Answer: Anyone who purchases goods and services from the market and pays for these is known as consumers.

Question: Who is a producer?

Answer: Anyone who produces goods and services and sells these in the market is known as producer.

Question: Which major step was taken by the government in 1986 to protect the exploitation of the consumers.

Answer: The Consumer Protection Act 1986.

Question: Under which right the consumers have the right to know about the particulars of goods and services that they purchase?

Answer: Right to Seek Redressal.

Question: Define consumer forums.

Answer: There are organisations which work for the right of consumers and guide them about their right and also guide them how to file cases in the consumer courts.

Question: What are District Level Courts Which are set up under COPRA?

Answer: These are the courts which provide justice to the consumers at the district level and deal with the cases involving claims between Rs 20 lakhs.

Question: What are State Level Courts which are set up under COPRA?

Answer: These are the courts which provide justice to the consumers at State Level and deal with the cases involving claims between Rs. 20 lakhs and Rs. 1 crore.

Question: What are National Level Courts Which are set up under COPRA?

These are courts which provide justice to the consumers at the national level and deal with the cases which have been dismissed at the district or state level or involving claims more than Rs. 1 crore.

Question: What is COPRA?

Answer: COPRA is Consumer Protection Act. The Act was passed in 1986 to Protect the interests of the consumers in the market.

Question: Suppose your parents want to purchase Gold jewellery along with you: then which logo will you look for on the jewellery?

Answer: Hallmark.

Question: Which logo would you like to see for purchasing electrical goods?

Answer: (ISI) Mark.

Question: What is meant by standardization?

Answer: Standardization is the process of developing and implement technical standard which can help to maximize compatibility, safety or quality of the product.

Question: If any damage is done to a consumer by a trade, under which consumer right can one move to consumer court to get compensation?

Answer: Right to seek redressal.

Question: Suppose  you have to buy a pack bottle of drinking water in your journey. Which logo will you like to see to be sure about its quality?

Answer: Agmark.

Question: Why is maximum retail price printed on products?

Answer: To avoid the exploitation of consumers.

Question: If you are not interested to buy a brush with tooth-paste but shopkeeper denied to sell tooth-paste only. In this case which consumer right is being violated by the seller?

Answer: Right to choose.

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