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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Fractions

(b) 2/3×1/7 = 2/21

1/7×2/3 = 2/21

(c) 3/4×7/15 = 21/60 = 7/20

Step 1. Find a common factor between any numerator and the denominator in the given question: 3/4×7/15 (3 and 15 have the common factor 3)

Step 2. Divide that numerator and the denominator by the common factor and write the quotient.

Divide that numerator

Step 3. Multiply the new numerators and denominators.

Multiply the new numerators and denominators

Step 4. Write in lowest terms if not already in lowest term = 7/20

(d) 9/25×10/18 = ?

Lowest terms

9/25×10/18 = 1/5

C. Multiplying More Than Two Fractions

When you multiply more than two fractions, you can multiply any two fractions first and then multiply the product with the remaining fractions.


Multiplying More Than Two Fractions


Multiplying More Than Two Fractions- 2

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