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Figures of Speech

Tautology Examples In Acronyms And Daily Usage

Tautology is one of the key figures of speech and hence, it is important to know what the word signifies. Tautology is the redundant or pointless use of words, which effectually delivers the same meaning. In other words, it can be defined as the term used for retelling the same thing by using different words and phrases. At times, it is used to emphasise on something. However, at times, it can be inadvertent. Henry Fowler, a lexicographer describes tautology as, “saying exactly the same factor twice”. Reiteration of words was a common trend during the 19th century, where writers deliberately used it as a literary tool. Many 19th century writers and poets exploited this literary device to highlight important points, convey important message, and spruce up the beauty of their literary work. Even in our normal lives, we use this figure of speech to underline important factors. Here is the list of tautological examples used in day-to-day life, acronyms, etc.

Examples of Tautology in Daily Usage

  • I am feeling very sleepily sleepy as I got up at 5 am in the morning.
  • The dress cost me $300 dollars.
  • They are giving free gifts!
  • In my opinion, I think that…
  • And etc.
  • John’s first priority is to get a good job.
  • The reason is because.
  • It is new innovation.
  • Today’s modern technology.
  • She ate a salmon fish sandwich.
  • The plumber fixed our hot water heater.
  • Morning sunrise.
  • Either it will rain tomorrow, or it won’t.
  • My best friend likes to watch suspense thrillers.
  • I made it with my own hands for you.
  • In present time and age, the price hike is shooting up.
  • This project should be completed on time, as it is the necessary requirement of the company.
  • Bits and pieces
  • The vast majority of the people are in favour of Anna Hazare and his philosophy.
  • To return again.
  • I got this dress at cheapest price.
  • Frozen Ice.
  • I have heard this with my own ears.
  • First and foremost, let’s begin.
  • Say it over again once more.
  • We will get the salary along with the added bonus.
  • I never make predictions, especially about the future.
  • That is indeed a sad misfortune.
  • Me myself personally cordially invite you to the party.

Tautology Examples in Acronyms

  • CD-ROM disk
  • ATM machine
  • PIN number
  • GPS system
  • ISBN number
  • RAM memory
  • DVD disk
  • VIN number
  • Please R.S.V.P. (the abbreviation stands for Respondez, s’ilvous plait, or, respond please)
  • UPC Code
  • AIEEE Examination
  • SARS Syndrome
  • RAS syndrome
  • HIV Virus

Some More Examples of Tautology

  • This is a short summary of…
  • So the organisation expects joint cooperation from its members.
  • One after the other in succession…
  • All crows are either black, or they are not black.
  • Roma want to eat a pizza pie.
  • Beauty products of Lush have an aromatic aroma.
  • To reiterate again.
  • Arnold family decided to return again for a second time to that old ancient house.
  • Close proximity.
  • After the failure, Ravi decided to live in lonely isolation.
  • Mr. James was first introduced in the meeting.
  • I’m having an ‘An American Werewolf in London’ movie night at my place.
  • The wall was marred by a small, tiny speck of paint.
  • Thanks to their joint collaboration the archaeologists found the handwritten manuscript in the destroyed ruins of the monastery.
  • There is no need for undue haste.
  • One of the two identical twins says to the other, “you are fat.”
  • Most of the people in that area got infected by the disease.
  • Go sit in the corner where the walls and floor meet, boy!
  • The vote was completely and totally unanimous.
  • We have to do forward planning for the coming festival.
  • With malice toward none, with charity for all. – Abraham Lincoln.
  • Jaguar XJ220 has faster speed than the Ferrari Enzo.
  • I will like to have a cheese quesadilla sandwich.
  • Sahara desert is the largest dry desert on the African continent.
  • Puzzling problem, isn’t it?
  • She herself had written her autobiography of her own life in just two weeks.
  • It was a wet rainy day with lots of precipitation.
  • It was his usual, habitual custom to have a cheese sandwich for breakfast.
  • The group wanted to climb up to the very summit at the top of the Mt. Everest.
  • Bad people take drugs; therefore, people who take drugs are bad.
  • The food is adequate enough for me.
  • Sam built a brick house out of bricks.
  • A major nuclear disaster could have been sparked off . . .
  • A wishful start, one might say, but it was certainly a time of surreal dreams.
  • Seafaring mariner.
  • A fair-haired blonde.
  • Don’t try to over-exaggerate the things.
  • The room was completely dark and had no illumination.
  • A breeze greeted the dusk and nightfall was heralded by a gentle wind.
  • We could see some dilapidated ruins.
  • Today I saw a huge great big man in the bus.
  • All well and good; to all intents and purposes; cool, calm, and collected.
  • He struggled to lift the heavy weights, he had trouble raising them.
  • It’s déjà vu all over again.


There is no denying the importance of tautology in modern day literary writing. However, in present time, the use of tautological phrases and words has been cut down to avoid repetition and monotony. Despite the fact, writers use tautology as a tool to draw attention or emphasise an idea.

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