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Figures of Speech

List of Prepositions For Students And Children

Consider these sentences for instance. ‘He went into the stable to feed the horses.’ ‘The incident happened few months ago, he got over it now.’ You would wonder why the words ‘into’ and ‘over’ are underlined. Well, they are referred to as prepositions, which are important parts of speech, without which the sentences would be meaningless. Thus, from the above example, it can be clearly observed that prepositions help describe the noun or pronoun to another word, providing clarity in the sentence. They are basically used to connect words and phrases that the person uses to convey his thoughts. Once you remove the underlined words, observe how meaningless the nouns seem and how the sentences do not signify anything. Going through this article will provide you the list of all the available options of prepositions and their usages as well. After you are done reading them, phrase your own sentences with the right use of these prepositions.

Prepositions In Sentences


  • The air hostess announced, “Welcome aboard passengers”.
  • “All aboard“, yelled the railway conductor who was frustrated of the delay.


  • My house is about 5km from this place.
  • What is your opinion about this restaurant?


  • This place is about 1000 ft above sea level.
  • That basket came from above, the third floor I guess.


  • Would you pass that plate across?
  • She helped the old man walk across the bridge


  • After you finish your homework you can play with them.
  • He ran after the thief who stole his mother’s chain.


  • Afore ye go, my lord!
  • “Saddle your dreams afore you ride them”, Mary Webb.


  • He spoke against his father, but there was no response from the rest of his family.
  • The wrestler is fighting against the world champion.


  • Follow the signs along the path and you won’t be lost.
  • You could have bought Sara along for the party.


  • We bought alongside the boat so that its easy for the passengers.
  • The barge lay alongside the pier.


  • Allan stepped out of his room in tears amid the cheers of the audience outside.
  • She managed to escape amid the confusion.


  • We just share secrets among our friends.
  • Among the five of you, who stays near the hospital?


  • It is very true that we hold our dears amongst us always.
  • She placed her priced possession amongst the collection on her shelf


  • You should not use anti-depressants.
  • The mask lens has a special anti-fogging coating on it so its comparatively more visible.


  • Let’s look around this place, something is fishy here.
  • You will find this very common around the world.


  • The child who was an asset for the school had to leave the city as his father got transferred.
  • The 3 year old boy cried out loud when he saw an elephant cross the road.


  • As your father is out of station, I’ll come with you for the meeting.
  • She dressed up as Santa and won the first prize.


  • You can keep that work aside and work on this.
  • Take care of her and keep her aside, don’t get into troubles this time.


  • There was plenty about the trip that was memorable, though he wasn’t astride an elephant.
  • Clara sat astride the horse.


  • The noisy cat sat at the table when others were having breakfast.
  • I remember keeping the wallet at the desk, now its not there.


  • Didn’t I tell you to complete your work before 9 p.m.?
  • Before I tell you what I think, tell where you were at 11p.m. today?


  • We stay right behind your apartment.
  • The thief hurt the man from behind.


  • He had to undergo a major surgery below his ankle.
  • Match the correct words to their terms given below.


  • The shopping mall provides parking beneath the ground floor.
  • Harry stays in the apartments as Sara, but in the floor beneath that of hers.


  • My daughter Sara sits beside your son Tom.
  • To always have your loved ones beside you, is truly a blessing.


  • Between ice cream and chocolates, which one do you prefer?
  • Our house is located between the beautiful valleys and the huge mountains.


  • God’s creations are beyond the subtle human mind’s imagination.
  • Your son’s performance for the week was beyond expectations.


  • I know he wasn’t a good personality, but he succeeded to impress me.
  • Usually she writes well, but I don’t know what ruined her work this time.


  • By the way, was that your mother or your aunt?
  • That book was given to him by his brother.


  • The book is written concerning global warming.
  • Concerned of his bad attitude, his parents sent him to a boarding.


  • Considering your talents, we have decided to keep you off from elimination.
  • Your qualifications are being considered for the post, please wait.


  • Despite the changing scenario, all the leaders are well focused.
  • He came with me to the doctor, despite his exams.


  • Down the road, to the right side is my house.
  • Keep your pens down, time’s up.


  • It was during our journey that I realized that you are Indian.
  • During our vacation, we got a chance to visit dense forest.


  • Except for you, others have submitted their work.
  • This entire week has a tight schedule except for Sunday.


  • I got this dress excluding the tax charges.
  • Don’t exclude him from your group.


  • Following the next day after the trip, I fell ill.
  • I hurried back home after I felt as if someone was following me.


  • I bought this for my brother.
  • I could not resist looking for Italian cuisine.


  • I got your diary from the basement.
  • Tomorrow I will be bringing food from home.


  • We reached here in a taxi.
  • She was in a hurry to leave.


  • You will find your gift inside the box.
  • She searched inside the house for her dog.


  • Get into the train, its moving.
  • The man jumped into the water.


  • She likes to sit on the balcony at night.
  • I like the works of William Wordsworth.


  • The actual bill is the total minus this amount.
  • The temperature here is around minus four.


  • My house is near the biggest shopping mall.
  • Come near, let me have a close look.


  • It is a great invention of Einstein.
  • Could you get me that book of Shakespeare?


  • That beautiful bird flew off in the opposite direction.
  • Tomorrow is an off.


  • The books that I kept on the table are missing.
  • Can you turn on the TV?


  • After crossing the signal, you have to turn onto the ninth cross.
  • He got onto the shop when a dog ran after him


  • She lives in the opposite apartment.
  • He has an entirely opposite character.


  • That man always parks his vehicle outside our gate.
  • Let’s go and have a walk outside.


  • The chocolates that you gave me got over.
  • Over the past few years you seem to be really upset.


  • No use talking about what happened in the past.
  • I fell down past the market.


  • As per the rules and regulations, you are not supposed to leave it here.
  • What do you pay your servant per annum?


  • You have to pay the tuition fees plus the donation.
  • My son is looking for a job plus correspondence course.


  • This letter is regarding my leave application.
  • There is a meeting next week regarding your yearly progress.


  • Let’s save some money for Christmas.
  • The boy saved her from falling down into the river.


  • Since 1997, I did not have non veg meals.
  • I believed it was fake, since you told me.


  • That is the house where I spent my childhood days.
  • He told me that you were sick.


  • I got through in my exams.
  • I went through that book twice.


  • You are most welcome to stay at our place.
  • I had to convince her to borrow her book.


  • The dog was charging towards us yesterday.
  • Your house is towards the North, right?


  • The card slipped under your furniture.
  • Let’s go under the tree.


  • Look for the cable underneath your bed.
  • The cat is sleeping underneath your bed, so be careful not to stamp on


  • Unlike Saurav, Rohit is obedient.
  • It is cold here unlike Chennai.


  • Until, you don’t let me go, I won’t talk to you.
  • I had to wait there until her parents came


  • The naughty kid jumped up on the tractor.
  • Look up at the sky


  • The fish bowl fell upon the furniture yesterday.
  • You are being called upon by the Principal.


  • In school I had to draw a graph velocity versus speed.
  • I raced versus my friend down the lane.


  • This time we were planning to take the road via Town Hall.
  • The flight is via Chennai.


  • I came here with my mother.
  • The box of chocolates is with my cousin brother.


  • I had to submit my project report within 2 hours.
  • Within 12 hours, he had to empty our building.


  • I can’t do without a coffee in the morning.
  • I saw a beggar without slippers on road.

This article of prepositions is aimed at providing you the list of prepositions and their usage in sentences. Practice working with these words and frame your own sentences to enhance your level of understanding in the subject.

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