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Figures of Speech

Adjunction Examples: Adjunction for Students and Children

Just like we add spice to our meals to make them taste better, adjuncts are used in sentences to amp up their meaning and make them more luculent. Adjunctions are fun to play with and can be a single word, a phrase or a clause. Adjuncts have adverbial functions and are used to describe time, place or location – modicative, casual, instrumental or conditional. Adjunctions are extra nuclear – they are added or joined to a well-phrased sentence to enhance its meaning. But then, it would not make much of a difference to a sentence, if removed. Adjunctions are more or less like the saucing on the food, which is used for extra flavor and adds to the look of the food. However, you cannot add adjunct as you wish; it has to be positioned rightly to make the statement look unambiguous. In simple terms, adjuncts can be best described as the use of grammar that gives you the answers to – why, where, how and when. Explore the adjunction examples listed below for a clearer understanding of this important figure of speech.

Adjunction Examples

  • I need your answer by tomorrow
  • She spoke quickly
  • The joining of hands around the table
  • There was a connection via the internet
  • Angry am I, storms across the sky
  • Good, it is, that fights the master with his dark lord
  • She would buy a new car, if she won the lottery
  • She will leave after she has had breakfast
  • The cute dog in that compound is very friendly
  • Mr. Bobby played the piano after a long time
  • Tom went out although it was raining
  • The class was very silent when the principal walked by
  • The alarm went off again last night
  • Mr. John gave blood last week
  • Little Red Riding Hood went to school in New York
  • John had a heavy lunch before he went to school
  • My mother planted a rose bush in the garden
  • I bought a new table lamp
  • He lives in Brazil
  • I would go to US, if I had enough cash for it
  • Mathew hit the wall in anger with the hammer
  • Physical beauty fades with age or disease
  • I go to church twice a week
  • He visits his aunt’s place every Sunday
  • That bird sits on that tree every morning
  • The student asked nervously if the police had found the culprit yet
  • The Prime Minister travels regularly to his constituency
  • A woman who sold second-hand books called me up last night
  • You should complete three pages of that book every day
  • The interpretation on the texts is made simpler to understand by the teacher
  • Mary will invite John for her second anniversary party
  • Susan does not know how the murder took place
  • He repaired the vase as he promised
  • Professor Smith grabs the attention of his students with his charm and wit
  • The work is nearly done by Harry
  • My father bought me a cycle few months back
  • Your report card is sent to the boss via E-mail
  • I prepared dinner on my own
  • My friends came to meet me at home for lunch
  • The placement board of my college has put up the details of the company on the college notice board
  • I need the painting on the extinct animals by tomorrow
  • Good, it is, that fights the master with his dark lord
  • She sat with difficulty when the kids were playing noisily
  • He tightened the screw with a screwdriver
  • The shoes were tight for the kid because they were new
  • They went out to play baseball
  • The bird flew high in the air
  • Add your entries in the ledger book by afternoon
  • There were kids playing in the ground at the time of war
  • The class monitor broke the silence when the teacher asked to come up with their complaints
  • Tom and Jerry is interesting to watch with kids sitting around you
  • That restaurant serves delicious beef stew cooked by the experts
  • The meeting was delayed due to rain
  • Your horoscope was checked yesterday
  • People in society had different opinions three years ago
  • Louise was appreciated by the authorities
  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
  • Questions on Compound interest were solved quickly by the young girl
  • Partners, often, lose their love for each other after marriage
  • The home works were finished by his elder brother
  • He went to the village almost every day to attend the ceremonies
  • The adventure team taught adventure sports to us
  • The boys played football in the stadium

Adjunction is the noun form of the word adjunct and is derived from the Latin word ‘adiunctus’, which means ‘to join to’. Adjunction, as a grammar tool, is a construction of words, which can be used for extending the meaning of the phrase, but is not an important part of it. Compliments make you feel positive. Similarly, adjunctions give complimentary terms to the phrases. Adjunctions, in other words can be called as additions or accessions. Add your own adjectives and verbs and make adjunctions and education fun.

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