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Class XI & XII Computer Science: Python

12th Class Computer Science Pre-Mid Exam 2022

School Name: Himalaya Public School, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi 110085 India
Class: 12th Standard (CBSE)
Subject: Computer Science
Time Duration: 01 Hours
Maximum Marks: 30
Date:  04 / 07 / 2022

General Instructions: 12th Class Computer Science Pre-Mid Exam 2022-23

  • All questions are compulsory
  • Give examples wherever possible

Question 01: Explain libraries in python. (2 Marks)

Question 02: Find the error (if any) in the following code and write the corrected code and underline it: (2)

Def add(a b)
return a+b:
print( “The sum =” Sum(7,-1)

Question 03 – 12th Computer Science Exam: State the difference between: (4)

  1. Built in functions and functions using libraries
  2. Default argument and positional arguments.

Question 04: Identify the type one or types of arguments in the following codes: (3)

a) def sum(a=1,b):
return a+b
print(sum(b=20, a=5 ))

b) def sum(a=1,b):
return a+b
print (sum(10,20))

Question 05: Explain use of functions in python. Support your answer with an example. (3)

Question 06: State the use of local keyword. Give an example to illustrate its use. (3)

Question 07: Explain any one python library with its two functions. (2)

Question 08: Write a program using user defined function to:

  1. Check if a number entered by the user to check whether a number is even or not also if it is divisible by 6 or not. (3)
  2. Calculate and display average of all the elements in a user defined tuple containing numbers. (4)

Question 09: Write the output of the following statements: (4)

  • sring1=’Computer Science’
  • import math as m
  • stringl=’Tonight’
  • import math as m

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