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9th Social Science Pre-Mid Exam Question Paper (2019-20)

9th CBSE Social Science Pre-Mid Examination Question Paper (2019-20)

School Name: Himalayan Public School, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi 110085 India
समय: 3 hours
अंक: 80
दिनांक: 29/06/2019
कक्षा: IX
Subject: Social Science

General Instructions:

  1. All Questions are compulsory.
  2. The question paper is divided into four sections. Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D.
  3. The question paper has 35 questions in all.
  4. Marks are indicated against each question.
  5. Questions from serial No. 1 to 20 are very short answer type questions. Each question carries 1 mark.
  6. Questions from serial No. 21 to 28 area 3 marks questions.
  7. Questions from serial No. 29 to 34 area 5 marks questions.
  8. Question no. 35 is a map question of 6 marks. After completion, attach the map inside your answer book.
    (3 marks from History and 3 marks from Geography).

9th Social Science Pre-Mid Exam: Section A

01. Which proposal of the third Estate was rejected by Estates General? [1]

02. What is Tithe? [1]

03. What was the important change during Industrialization? [1]

04. Mention an important view of the Liberals. [1]

05. Which latitude divides India into two equal haves? [1]

06. With which country do states of Uttarakhand have common frontiers? [1]

07. Which continents of today were part of the Gondwana land? [1]

08. Why is the northern Most range of Himalaya known as “Himandri”? [1]

09. When did General Parvez Musharraf become president of Pakistan? [1]

10. What is the most common form of democracy in our times? [1]

11. What is the basic sense behind taking a decision in democracy? [1]

12. From Where the world “Democracy” is derived? [1]

13. What is the name of Chinese Parliament? [1]

14. Name the countries where citizens do not enjoy right to vote? [1]

15. What is the main reason of growing three different types of crops in Palampur? [1]

16. What was the major outcome of green Revolution in India? [1]

17. How is land area measured in Villages? [1]

18. What is the aim of production? [1]

19. What are the ways to increase production on Agricultural field? [1]

20. What is Modern Farming Methods? [1]

9th Social Science Pre-Mid Exam: Section B

21. What were the causes of subsistence crises? [3]

22. What are the merits of Democratic Government? [3]

23. What was the major decisions taken by General Parvez Musharaf in 1999? [3]

24. What do you understand by free and fair Electoral competition? [3]

25. Why 82°30E has been selected as the standard Meridian of India? [3]

26. What is the impact of Electricity in Village Palampur? [3]

27. How is fixed capital different from working capital? [3]

28. What are the major problems related to Modern Methods of farming? [3]

Section C

29. Describe briefly the circumstances which were responsible for the Russian Revolution. [5]

30. Who was Lenin? Describe his role in Russian Revolution. [5]

31. Describe briefly the parallel ranges of Himalaya from North to South? [5]

32. Distinguish between Western Coastal Plains and Eastern coastal Plains. [5]

33. “Democracy provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts”. Explain. [5]

34. Explain non-farming activities in Village Palampur. [5]

Section D

35. (A) On an outline map of France, locate the following: [3]

  1. A port town / city.
  2. The State Prison.
  3. National Anthem of France

(B). On an outline map of India, locate the following: [3]

  1. Aravalli Hills
  2. Satpura range
  3. Mount Everest

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