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8th Computer Science Annual Exam 2018-19

8th Computer Science Annual Exam (2018-19)

School Name: Venkateshwar Global School, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi 110085 India
Time: 1 hour
M.M. 40 marks
Date: 20/02/2019
Subject: Computer Science
Class: VIII

General Instructions:

  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. Do you work neatly.

Question: 1. Give the technical name for the following: [5]

(a). Name the term that refers to a memory location used to store date temporarily.
(b). Name the tool in Adobe Photoshop that is used to duplicate the part of an image by setting a sampling point.
(c). This window in Visual Basic is used to write codes for any object. Name the window.
(d). We cannot undo more than one action in Adobe Photoshop using Ctrl+Z. Write the shortcut key which can be used to undo more than one action.
(e). HTML language has two types of tags. Name the tag that has both ON and OFF tags.

Question: 2. State True False. Rewrite the false statements with the correct changes. [5]

  1. Font style tags in HTML are also known as Physical Makeup.
  2. Integer data type in Visual Basic is used to store integer values, ranging from -32768 to +32768.
  3. F6 function key is used to run a visual basic program.
  4. Zoom tool is used to move the zoomed picture within a window in Photoshop.
  5. psd in the default extension of an Adobe Photoshop file.

Question: 3. Multi Choice Questions:

(a) _______ tool in Photoshop creates a blend of two or more colors.

  1. Spot healing
  2. Gradient
  3. Selection
  4. Lasso

(b). Name the mode in which we create objects and write logical statements for Visual Basic.

  1. Design mode
  2. Run mode
  3. Break mode
  4. None of these

(c). Which tool in Photoshop is used to insert text in an image?

  1. Image
  2. Type
  3. Text
  4. Brush

(d). Which of the following is the arithmetic operator to perform calculations in VB?

  1. > =
  2. < >
  3. +
  4. < =

(e). ________ tag breaks the line and displays the text from the next line.

  1. BR
  2. BS
  3. BK
  4. BM

Question: 4. Identify the following controls in Visual Basic. [2]


Question: 5. Give the keyboard shortcuts for the following in Photoshop: [4]

  1. To select the magic wand tool
  2. To select the crop tool
  3. To see the brush size
  4. To increase or decrease the brush size

Question. 6. identify the properties of the controls based on the functionality they perform: [5]

  1. This property contains the text which is displayed on the Label.
  2. This property is used to set the font size, font, font style etc. for a text box.
  3. This property identifies a command button while writing the program.
  4. This property decides whether the text will be displayed in a single line or multiple line in the text box.
  5. This property the determines whether the control is visible or hidden.

Question: 7. Identify the errors and rewrite the below code correctly. Underline the corrections. [5]

<head> My program </title> </head>
</body> HTML is a case sensitive language </b>
<p>Learning HTML is fun!!

Question:8. Application based question: [3]

  1. Amit is working on HTML and wants to make his web page attractive by moving the text message written on a background from left to right. Suggest him the tag in HTML that can solve his purpose.
  2. Naman is a beginner in Visual Basic. He wants to make a string variable named “Student Name” in the program. Help him in writing the syntax to declare a string variable.
  3. Aanya has inserted her picture in Photoshop for editing. Suggest her the best tool that she can use to remove the dark spots, scratches, marks etc. Fro, her picture.

Question: 9. What do you understand by Event Driven Programming? [2]

Question: 10. What is the difference between Marquee and Lasso tool? [2]

Question: 11. What are arithmetic operators in Visual Basic? Give any two examples. [2]

Question: 12. What is the use of image tag in HTML? Given one example. [2]

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