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11th CBSE NCERT Computer Science Mid Term Exam Set A

11th Class CBSE NCERT Computer Science: Mid Term Examination Set – A (2019-20)

Time: 3 Hrs.
Marks: 70
Class: 11th CBSE (NCERT)
Date: 20/9/2019

General Instructions:

  1. All the questions are compulsory.
  2. There are 4 sections in the paper A, B, C & D.
  3. Write down the question number & sub part number carefully while attempting it.

Section A: 11th CBSE NCERT Computer Science [30 Marks]

Question: 1. Python programming language got its name which show. [1]

Question: 2. From the following, find out the valid identifier: [1]

doc14, a2bc5, _punc, ray.dat, _abc_d, break, 1 rak

Question: 3. Answer the following questions:

(a) Predict the output of the following: [6]

i. x, y = 2, 6
x, y, x = y, x+2
print (x, y)

ii. a, b, c = 0.1

iii. a = int(input(“enter first no”))
b = int(input(“enter second no”))
a, b=b, a print(“a=”, a)
#if user is entering 25 and then 50

(b) Find out the error of the following code fragment: [4]

i. temp==90

ii. a,b;c=2,8,9,4
print a,b,c

(c) Explain input() function using an example. [2]

(d) Difference between types of errors with example. [2]

(e) Give rules for declaring variable. [2]

(f) What will be the output of the following? [2]

a. a=3-4+10
b. (6+4)*10+(2**5)

Question: 4. Answer the following questions: [4]

  1. What are the advantages of Python Programming Language?
  2. In how many different ways we can work of Python?

Question: 5. Write Python program for the following: [6]

  1. Write a program to calculate the area of a circle, rectangle and triangle.
  2. Write a program to ask for following as input in different lines. Enter your first name, last name, date of birth, month, day and year.

Section B [15 Marks]

Question: 6. Prove De-Morgan’s law using truth table. (Any 1) [2]

Question: 7. How many AND gates are required to realize Y=CD + EF + G? [1]

The NOR gate output will be high if the two inputs are ______

Question: 8. Convert the following: [4]

  1. (4A)16 = (________)2
  2. The representation of octal number (532.2)8 in decimal is ______
  3. (10111001.1100)2 = () 8
  4. (1234)8= ()16

Question: 9. Derive the Boolean expression for the logic circuit shown below: [1]

Logic Circuit

Question: 10.

  1. Add binary numbers 111.01 and 111.01 11. [1]
  2. Draw the logic circuit from the following expression A’B+A’C with truth table [1]

Question: 11. What is the difference between Volatile Memory and Non-Volatile Memory? [1]

Question: 12. Represent HELLO in 7 bit ASCII form [1]

Question: 13. What is utility software in computer system and organization? Explain and give an example of each. [2]

Question: 14. Write two feature of Operating System. [1]

Section C [15 Marks]

Question: 15. Answer the following questions: [1]

  1. Differentiate between Primary Key and Unique constrain. [1]
  2. What is the use of Alter command? [1]
  3. Briefly Explain the following terms: [4] (i) Check   (ii) Update   (iii) Degree    (iv) Foreign Key
  4. What is NULL value? [1]

Question: 16. Assume a table Emp with 15 rows and 5 columns, Write its degree and cordiality. 3 rows are deleted and one more column is added. What will be new degree and cordiality? [2]

Question: 17. What are the different categories of commands available in SQL? [2]

Question: 18. Write SQL query for i to iv: [4]

No Of Member
Primary Key

Not Null

  1. To create a table “SPORT” with the following structure.
  2. Suggest suitable primary key for the above table.
  3. To add a column rank with suitable data type.

Section D (10 Marks)

Question: 19. What do you mean by IP Address? [1]

Question: 20. Explain any two Cyber Crime that are carried out online across the world. [2]

Question: 21. What do you mean Netiquettes? List some important Netiquettes. [2]

Question: 22. What are the Security features being provided by browser? [2]

Question: 23. What do you understand by the term “Information Confidentiality”? [1]

Question: 24. Explain types of Malware. [2]

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