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10th Information Technology Periodic Test II (2018-19)

10th Information Technology Periodic Test II (2018-19)

School Name: Venkateshwar Global School, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi 110085 India
Time: 2 hour
M.M. 50 marks
Date: 14/09/2018
Class: X

General Instructions:

{1} Question paper is divided into four sections:

  1. Section A: Multiple choice question / VSA (1 mark each)
  2. Section B: Short Answer – I (2 marks each)
  3. Section C: Short Answer – II (3 marks each)
  4. Section D: Long Answer (5 marks each)

{2} All questions of that section must be attempted together and placed in the correct order.

Question: 1. MCQ / Very Short Answer 10× 1 = 10

I. Which Instant Messaging communication application is developed by Google?

  1. Handouts
  2. RediffBol
  3. Skype
  4. eBuddy

II. Sound Sentry is designed to help people with what kind of disability?

  1. Learning
  2. vision
  3. auditory
  4. physical

III. What is the vertical distance between successive lines of the text in a document called?

  1. Paragraph spacing
  2. World spacing
  3. Text spacing
  4. Line spacing

IV. Which option of the World processor allows the user to insert lines, basic geometrical shapes, etc. in the document?

  1. pictures
  2. chart
  3. symbol
  4. shapes

V. Which option of Excel provides option to quickly find average, minimum, maximum etc.?

  1. formulae
  2. symbol
  3. sort
  4. autosum

VI. Which object, when inserted, allows you to play background music while playing your presentation?

  1. music clip
  2. audio clip
  3. background
  4. animation

VII. Which view is used to see speaker notes only by the person delivering a Power Point presentation?

  1. hidden view
  2. selected view
  3. notes view
  4. presenter view

VIII. When we get ready for dinner, I have to take my books _______ the table.

  1. off
  2. from
  3. out
  4. of

IX. You have to leave your shoes ______ the door when you enter the house.

  1. in
  2. over
  3. to
  4. by

X. It was a long walk, so he began moving slowly _______ the town.

  1. for
  2. towards
  3. until
  4. at

Question 2. Short Answer Questions – I: 6×2 = 12

I. Mention any 2 points to be taken into consideration while embedding any document into your Word file.

II. What is conditional formatting? Name any 2 formatting effects that we can apply using Conditional formatting?

III. Shraddhalu wants to add the value of cell A3 of worksheet ‘Toys’ to the cell A3 of worksheet ‘Sales’ of the same workbook? What will be the formula to achieve it?

IV. A group of students has made a Power Point presentation on the increase on the consumption of fast food for the last 5 years. Which type of chart will they insert in their presentation to show the increased figures? Also give any 2 advantages of using charts in the presentation.

V. Write briefly how would you express your appreciation in the given situation. You want to buy a notebook but do not have enough money. Your cousin lends it to you.

VI. Imagine that you have just moved into a new city and are looking for a place to stay. List down any four questions you would consider while going about the entire process.

Question 3: Short Answer Questions – II: 6×3 = 18

I. Explain any 3 advantages of e-shopping.

II. What do you understand by indentation? Explain the use of first-line and hanging indents.

III. Explain any 3 character formatting options in a World processor.

IV. Explain any 3 points you would keep in mind while reviewing your Power Point presentation.

V. Rahim wants to add liveliness to his presentation in order to make it look interesting? Explain any 3 features of Power Point that will help him achieve this.

VI. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word from the given option.

  1. I ________ moved to a new town. (recently, daily)
  2. I reside here with my _____ friend Riya. (better, best)
  3. Anrea is well maintained and planned _____. (prettily, beautifully)

Question 4. Long Answer Questions: 2×5 = 10

I. Explain, in details, any 5 precautions that must be taken to improve Internet security.

II. Mr. Amit is an accountant. He is maintaining the following records in spreadsheet software. Write the formula to be used for the following operations based on the spreadsheet given below along with the relevant cell address:

Mike's Mail Order Company

1. Write formula to be given in cell E3 to calculate Delivered cost.

Delivered Cost = Price + Delivery Charge

2. Write formula to be given in cell F3 to calculate Monthly Item Income.

Monthly Item Income = Price * Order this month

3. Write formula to be given in cell B 10 to calculate Total Amount for all the items.

4. Write formula to be given in cell B11 to find the average amount for all the items.

5. If the delivery charge in a particular month changes, will Mr. Amit has to redo all the calculations for that particular employee? Explain Why / Why not?

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