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10th English Periodic Test I (2018-19)

10th English Periodic Test I (2018-19)

School Name: St. Gregorios School, Plot No. 12, Sector 11, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075 India
Class: X
M.M.: 20
Time: 45 min
Date: 10/07/18


Question: Read the following passage carefully: (5 marks)


Fed up with population, nature-loving Mumbaikars have taken to camping on the Kass Plateau, near Satara, a volcanic plateau, with an unhindered view of the sky. Recently declared a UNESCO biodiversity site, the place is renowned for its grasslands, and its flora and fauna. Now more and more people are flocking to it to enjoy the combination of camping and stargazing. For people deprived of a clear sky, Kass Has proved to be welcome break. The organisers of camping trips which have sprung up recently, arrange dark sky camps every new moon, when objects such as nebulae, and clusters appears a lot bright than they do, in a city, and because the air is clear of pollutants.

Another popular star gazing site is located in the desert around Jaisalmer, in Rajasthan. Armed with telescopes, and guided by professional astronomers the mid-deserts vacations are highly popular. The more adventurous prefer to go to Chumathang where one of the highest observatories of the world are located. With cloudless skies and very little population, this observatory in Ladakh is perfect for stargazing. In fact, one does not have to step out of one’s tent here. Just light a torch, set the camera rolling on a tripod and the remote location, low humidity on the Ladakh hills, low Oxygen, low temperature and low radiation will ensure a perfect viewing opportunity for the stargazer.

Earlier, not many people had enrolled in these camps as they felt alienated with the subject of astronomy. But of late, with the prospect of camping out in open and stargazing, travel firms have been doing brisk business on such camping trips.

Read the given questions and write the answer:

  1. What are the reasons of the popularity of the Kass Plateau?
  2. Why is Chumathang site famous?
  3. Why was a star gazing not very popular in earlier times?
  4. What is meant by ‘renowned’ and ‘clusters’?

SECTION – B (Writing and Grammar) (10 marks)

Question: 2. As Head of the music department of ABC Public school, Rohini, Write a latter to Tarang Music House, Karol Bagh placing an order for some music instruments. You are Anvita/Anil. (5 marks)

Question: 3. Fill in the blanks by using the correct tense form of the verbs given in brackets. (1/4 × 6 = 1½)

2017 (a) _______ (come) to an end and 2018, (b) _______ (arrive) in our personal and professional lives. Most of us (c) _______ (analyse) whether we (d) _______ (be) able to realise our wishes for the year that (e) ______ (fade) away. It is now more important to get ready and decide on a work plan to make the most of the year that (f) ______ (just begin).

Question: 4. Rearrange the following into meaningful sentences. (1/2 × 3 = 1½)

  1. the / and / cup / seeds / my / them / garden / collect / I / from / plan / In
  2. birthdays / them / their / gifts / friends / to / I / my / on
  3. my / plants / sad / I / if / harms / feel / someone / or / breaks

Question: 5. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. (1/2 × 4 =  2)

Incorrect                                   Correct
The people which had earlier avoided Agatha
now crowded around her. They were eager
_______                                   _______
to know but she had come to the city
_______                                   _______
on a short visit and she was going to stay.
_______                                   _______
She wandered happily past the fountains or
through the rose gardens.
_______                                   _______

SECTION – C (Literature) (5 marks)

Question: 6. Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions that follow.  (1/2 × 2 =  2)

Next night when the nightingale
Shook her head and twitched her tail,
Closed an eye and fluffed a wing
And had cleared her throat to sing
She was startled by a croak.

  1. Which word in these lines suggests the movement as if giving a jerk?
  2. The lines ii and iii tells us that the Nightingale _________
  3. Who startled the Nightingale when she was about to sing?
  4. How did the Nightingale prepare herself for singing?

Question: Answer the following Questions in 30-40 words. (1/3 × 3 =  3)

  1. How was the life of the boys before the war?
  2. In what ways did the village help Mrs. Packletide to shoot the tiger?
  3. Why was Nicola annoyed when Jacopo asked the author for a favour?

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