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10 Social Science Periodic Test I (2018-19)

10 Social Science Periodic Test I (2018-19)

School Name: St. Gregorios School, Plot No. 12, Sector 11, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075 India
Class: X
M.M.: 20 Marks
Time: 45 Minutes
Date: 04/07/2018


Answer the following questions:

  1. “What may be development for one may not be development for the other”. Justify your answer with one example. 1 mark
  2. Body mass index is used for measuring the health status or economic status of a person? 1 mark
  3. What is meant by Per capita Income? Mention any one limitation of per capita income as an indicator of development. 1/2 + 1/2 mark
  4. Explain the criteria used by World Bank for measuring development of different countries. 2 marks


  1. The availability of resources is a necessary condition for the development of any region. Explain the statement. 1 mark
  2. Mention any 2 steps of Resource Planning. 1 mark
  3. Why is Sustainable Development the need of the hour? 1 mark
  4. Which soil is known as Regur soil? Give its two important features. 2 marks

Political Science:

  1. Which act gave enormous powers to Sinhala Community in Sri Lanka? Mention any one provision of the Act. 1 mark
  2. Explain the cause of tension that existed between Dutch and French speaking people in Belgium. 1 mark
  3. Give 2 reasons to state that Power Sharing is desirable? 1 mark
  4. Explain Horizontal form of Power Sharing? Why it is also called as checks and balances of power sharing? 2 mark


  1. Name the person who said that “crime was more profitable than labouring”? 1/2 mark
  2. “A large city population was both a threat and an opportunity.” Explain. 1 mark
  3. Why well off Londoners supported the need to build housing for the poor in the 19th century? 1.5 marks
  4. What are Chawls? Explain the living conditions in chawls? 2 marks

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