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Science Solved Sample Paper

10 Science Solved Sample Paper 1

As per 2019 CBSE Question Paper Design

Class: 10th Class CBSE
Subject: Science
Time Allowed: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions:

  • The question paper comprises five sections: A, B, C, D and E. You are to attempt both the sections.
  • All questions are compulsory.
  • Internal choice is given in sections B, C, E and E.
  • Question numbers 1 and 2 in sections A are one marks questions. They are to be answered in one words or in one sentence.
  • Question numbers 3 to 5 in sections B are two marks questions. These are to be answered in 30 words each.
  • Question numbers 6 to 15 in sections C are three marks questions. These are to be answered in about 50 words each.
  • Question numbers 16 to 21 in sections D are five marks questions. These are to be answered in 70 words each.
  • Question numbers 22 to 27 in sections E are based on practical skills. Each questions is a two marks question. These are to be answered in brief.

Section A

Question: 1. Name two tissues which provide control and coordination in animals. [1]

Answer: Nervous and Muscular Tissues

Question: 2. Write the name of the part of human eye which controls the amount of light entering the eye. [1]

Answer: Pupil / Iris

Section B

Question: 3. “Magnification produced by a lens is + 3”. On the basis of this statements: [2]

(i). List three information’s that you can get about the image formed by the lens.
(ii). Identify the type of the lens.


  • Image is virtual, erect, three times magnified
  • Convex Lens

Question: 4. It is often observed that the front side of the houses of residential colonies appear very beautiful but domestic waste is found decomposing in the bylanes  of the houses. Suggest two arguments to make people realize that the improper disposal of waste may be harmful for their own health.  [2]

Answer: Reasons to make people relize:

  1. Throwing garbage in the open is the source of many communicable diseases.
  2. Non-judicious disposal of waste pollutes the environment.

Question: 5. What are ionic compounds? List two properties of these compounds. [2]
Write the balance chemical equation for the following reaction and identify the type of reaction and define it.
‘Iron III oxide reacts with Aluminium and gives molten iron and aluminium oxide. [2]

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