Tuesday , July 5 2022


9th English Pre-Mid Exam Question Paper (2019-20)

English essay on My Favourite Teacher for students & children

9th CBSE English Pre-Mid Examination Question Paper (2019-20) School Name: Himalayan Public School, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi 110085 India Time: 3 hr M.M. 80 marks Date: 25/06/2019 Class: IX Subject: English – 9th CBSE English Pre-Mid Examination General Introductions: The question paper is divided in to three sections: Section A – Reading  [20] …

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The Open Window: 8th Class English ‘It So Happened’ Ch 7

8th English NCERT Honeydew and It So Happened

The Open Window 8th Class NCERT CBSE English ‘It So Happened’ Chapter 7 Question: What was Framton Nuttel suffering from? Answer: Framton Nuttel was suffering from nervous disorder and excitement. The doctor advised him complete rest and relaxation in the countryside. Question: Why does Framton retire to the countryside? Answer: Framton retires …

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