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Food Resources

9th Class (CBSE) Science: Improvement in Food Resources

Question: Name any two fodder crops.

Answer: Berseem, oats or Sudan grass are raised as food for the livestock, called fodder crops.

Question: What do you understand by photoperiod of sunlight?

Answer: Photoperiod are related to the duration of sunlight required for plant growth.

Question: Name two kharif crops.

Answer: Paddy and soyabean.

Question: Name two rabi crops.

Answer: Wheat and gram.

Question: Define hybridisation.

Answer: Hybridisation refers to crossing between genetically dissimilar plants, to obtain, better variety of crops.

Question: What are genetically modified crops?

Answer: By introducing a gene with required characters into a crop for its improvement is called genetically modified crop.

Question: “Shorter the duration of the crop from sowing to harvesting, the more economical is the variety”. Give reason for this.

Answer: Due to short duration of crop growth, farmers can grow more crops in a year, and reduce the cost of drop production.

Question: Name different types of crop production practices involved in India.

Answer: They are (a) no cost production, (b) low cost production and (c) high cost production.

Question: Who provides nutrients to plants?

Answer: Nutrients to plants are provided by air, water and soil.

Question: What are macro-nutrients?

Answer: The nutrients required by plants in larger quantity is called macro-nutrients. They are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur.

Question: Name the nutrients that plant obtain from air and water.

Answer: Air – Carbon and oxygen Water- Hydrogen and oxygen

Question: State the difference between compost and vermi-compost.

Answer: The compost is obtained by decomposition of organic waste like animal excreta, plant waste etc. naturally due to decomposition by bacteria.

Vermi-compost: To hasten the process of decomposition redworms are added to this organic matter to obtain compost.

Question: Name any two weeds.

Answer: Parthenium and Xanthium.

Question: What causes disease in plants?

Answer: It is caused by pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Question: Name two Indian cattle.

Answer: Bos indicus – cows 4 Bos bubalis – buffaloes

Question: Name two exotic breeds of cattle.

Answer: Jersey and Brown Swiss

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