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NCERT 9th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Democratic Rights

Question: Define Fundamental Rights.

Answer: The Fundamental Rights are those basic conditions which are considered essential for the overall development of a person. These are guaranteed under the Constitution.

Question: ‘Some rights need to be placed higher than the government’. Give reason.

Answer: Thought it is the duty of each democratic government to protect the citizen’s rights but sometimes elected governments may not protect or may even attack the rights of their own citizens. That is why some rights need to be placed higher than the government, so that the government cannot violate these.

Question: Define the rule of law. Do you think the rule of law prevails in India?

Answer: It means that the laws apply in the same manner to all, regardless of a person’s status.
Yes, the rule of law prevails in India. All are equal in the eyes of law.

Question: Mention any one exception to the Right to Equality as a Fundamental Right. Give reasons also.

Answer: The State may make any special provision for women and children. It is necessary to give special treatment to some weaker sections of the society in order to ensure equal opportunity.

Question: Mention any two freedoms provided under Right to Freedom.


  1. Freedom of speech and expression.
  2. Assembly in a peaceful manner.

Question: What is a secular state?

Answer: A secular state is one that does not establish any one religion as official religion.

Question: What is Public Interest Litigation?

Answer: Under the PIL, any citizen or group of citizens can approach the Supreme Court or a High Court for the protection of public interest against a particular law or action of the government. One can write to the judges even on a postcard. The court will take up the matter if the judges find it in public interest.

Question: What are Human Rights?

Answer: Human Rights are those rights, which are inherent in our nature. Without these rights, we cannot live as human beings. Human rights allow us to fully develop and use our human qualities, intelligence, talents and conscience. They allow us to satisfy our spiritual and other needs.

Question: Mention any other two rights of the Indian citizens except the Fundamental Rights.


  1. Right to freedom of press.
  2. Right to information.

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