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Equatorial Forest Region

NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Natural Resources – Natural Vegetation

Question: What is the Vanamahotsava?

Answer: The social programme of planting trees, organised at community level is called Vanamahotsava.

Question: How is a bird like vulture important for the ecosystem?

Answer: A vulture feeds on dead livestock and so it cleanses the environment.

Question: What is the distinguishing feature between evergreen and deciduous forests?

Answer: Evergreen forests never shed their leaves whereas deciduous forests shed their leaves once a year.

Question: What are the main characteristics of the coniferous forests?

Answer: Coniferous trees are evergreen, tall and have straight trunks with needle-shaped leaves.

Question: How is land being degraded? Suggest methods to conserve land resource.

Answer: The ever-growing population has increased demand for living space, due to which forests are being destroyed, thus causing land degradation. The rate of degradation of land resources can be checked by promoting afforestation, land reclamation, regulated use of chemical pesticide and fertilisers and checking overgrazing.

Question: What is weathering?

Answer: Weathering refers to the breaking up and decay of exposed rocks. This breaking up and decay is caused by temperature fluctuations between too high and too low, frost action, plants, animals and even human activity. Weathering is the major process involved in the formation of soil. It takes millions of years to form soil by this process.

Question: Write a short note on wildlife.

Answer: The animal kingdom, which consists of animals, birds, aquatic creatures and insects, is called wildlife. These creatures provide us various important products such as milk, meat, hides and wool. Bees give us honey and help in pollination. They play the role of decomposers in the environment. Birds like the vulture are scavengers and they help in cleansing the environment. All forms of wildlife are an integral part of our ecosystem.

Question: What are the major types of vegetation in the world? Describe vegetation in different rainfall conditions.

Answer: The major types of vegetation in the world are grouped as forests, grasslands, scrubs and tundra.” In areas of heavy rain, huge trees can be found. Forests are abundant in areas of heavy rainfall. With moisture and rainfall the density of forests declines. In moderate rainfall areas, grasslands are found. In diy areas we find thorny shrubs and scrubs. Plants here have deep roots and leaves have thorny surface to reduce loss of moisture. The tundra vegetation consists of mosses and lichens.

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