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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: India After Independence

Question: Under what circumstances a compromise was made with respect to language?

Answer: Several members of the Constituent Assembly believed that the English language should be driven out of India with the British rule. They were of the opinion that Hindi should take place of English language. However, those who did not speak Hindi were of different opinion. T.T. Krishnamachari on behalf of the people of the south strongly opposed Hindi. Some threatened to separate from India if Hindi was imposed on them. Finally, a compromise was made. It was decided that while Hindi would be the “official language” of India, English would be used in the courts, the services, and communications between one state and another.

Question: Under what circumstances did the new state of Andhra Pradesh come into being?

Answer: The decision of the Congress leaders not to divide the country on linguistic lines disappointed the Kannada speakers, Malayalam speakers and the Marathi speakers. They had all looked forward to having their own state. The Telrtgu-speaking districts of what was the Madras Presidency raised the strongest protests. In October 1952, a veteran Gandhian named Potti Sriramulu went on a hunger fast demanding the formation of Andhra state to protect the interests of Telugu-speakers. The fast went on and with it hartals and bandhs began to be observed. Meanwhile, Potti Sriramulu died. This incidence intensified the situation. The protests now became widespread and intense. This forced the Central Government to give in to demand. On 1 October, 1953, the new state of Andhra Pradesh came into being.

Question: Write about any two problems that needed immediate solution in post-partition India.

Answer: The two problems that needed immediate solution in post-partition India are:

Integration of Princely States:

At the time of transfer, there were 550 princily states in India. Each was ruled by maharaja or nawab. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel requested these to join into India. Most of them joined but rulers of Kashmir, Junagarh and Hydrabad remained undecided for longtime.

Rehabilltation of Refugees:

After independence crores of people migrated to India from Pakistan. They were homeless and jobless. To rehabilitate them was a big responsibility before the new government.

Question: What do you understand by equality before law?

Answer: Equality before law means that all Indians irrespective of their caste, religion or gender or communities would enjoy the same rights. No person would face only kind of discrimination.

Question: How in the union list different from the state and concurrent lists?


  1. The subjects in the union list were to be looked after solely by the central government.
  2. The subject in the state list were to be looked after solely by the state governments.
  3. Concurrent list subject were looked after by both the central and state government.

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