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Coming of the British 

NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Colonialism And Urban Change

Question: Name the two industrial cities in Britain.

Answer: Leeds and Manchester.

Question: Name the cities that were de-urbanised in the 19th century.

Answer: Surat, Machlipatnam and Seringapatam.

Question: Why were the main streets of Chandni Chowk and Faiz Bazar made broad?

Answer: They were made broad for royal processions to pass.

Question: Where did British live in the 1870s?

Answer: They lived in the sprawling Civil Lines area that came up in the north.

Question: Where, did the Indians live in the 1870s?

Answer: They lived in the Walled City.

Question: Why was a durbar held in Delhi in 1911?

Answer: In 1911, when King George V was crowned in England, a durbar was held in Delhi to celebrate the occasion.

Question: Who visited the durbar?

Answer: Numerous Indian princes and British officers and soldiers visited the durbar.

Question: What is Kings way known now?

Answer: It is now known as Rajpath.

Question: Why was the Viceroy’s Palace higher than Shah Jahan’s Jama Masjid?

Answer: The Viceroy’s Palace was higher than Shah Jahan’s Jama Masjid in order to establish British importance.

Question: What jobs did the new migrants coming to Delhi take up?

Answer: They took up jobs as hawkers, vendors, carpenters and iron smiths.

Question: What were havelis?

Answer: Havelis were grand mansions in which the Mughal aristocracy in the 17th and 18th century lived.

Question: What did the Census of 1931 reveal?

Answer: The Census of 1931 revealed that the Walled City area was thickly populated with as many as 90 persons per acre, while New Delhi had only about 3 persons per acre.

Question: Why did Machlipatnam lose its importance as a port-town by the late 18th century?

Answer: It was because the British shifted their trade to the new ports of Bombay, Madras and Calcutta.

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