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NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Water and Its Importance

Question: How to conserve water?

Answer: The various ways to conserve water are:

  1. Creating awareness among people about the need and ways to conserve water.
  2. Turn off the taps immediately after use. We should get the baking taps repaired immediately.
  3. Wash the utensils by filling water basin.
  4. We should take water in limits for washing clothes.
  5. Use the same water after washing vegetables, fruits etc. for watering plants at your home.

Question: Around 76% of our earth is covered water then should we conserve water?

Answer: We should conserve water because only 1% of the earth’s surface is drinking covered with pure water which is fresh and suitable for drinking for all forms of life.

Question: We drink the same water that dinosaurs drank why?

Answer: Water has been here for million of years. It continues to be recycled through the environment over in a constant cycle known as water cycle. So its possible that the water drunk by us is same as dinosaurs.

Question: What is rain water harvesting?

Answer: Rain water harvesting is a process of collecting rain water and keeping it reserved for future.

Question: Why should we harvest rain water?

Answer: We should harvest rain water because.

  1. Collecting water will solve the problem of shortage of water.
  2. If this water runs down it can bad to flood and soil erossion.
  3. It also increases the underground water table and increases the fertility of soil.
  4. It helps in conserving the environment and prevent the ground water from being debated.

Question: Write down the advantages and disadvantages of dams.

Answer: Advantages:

  1. It stores water and provides water for irrigation.
  2. It beads to prevention of flooding because the water does not enter in the rivers in large quantities.
  3. It is used to generate electricity. The electricity generated by dams is called hydroelectricity.


  1. They can be constructed on limited sites.
  2. Effects aquatic life, plants and animals.
  3. The building of dams require relocating population living in that area.

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