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Urban Livelihoods

NCERT 6th class (CBSE) Social Science: Urban Livelihoods

Question: Name some activities which are carried out on the streets.

Answer: Vending, hair-cutting, shoe-repairing, flower-selling etc.

Question: What was found in a Survey of Ahmedabad city?

Answer: In a survey of Ahmedabad city it was found that 12 percent of all the workers in the city were people working on the street.

Question: What types of things do vendors usually sell?

Answer: Vendors usually sell things that are often prepared at home by their families who purchase, clean, sort and make them ready to sell.

Question: How was street vending looked upon till recently?

Answer: Street vending was till recently looked upon only as an obstruction to traffic and to people walking.

Question: How is it looked upon now?

Answer: It is now looked upon as a general benefit and as a right of people to earn their livelihood.

Question: Mention two features of business persons.


  1. They own their own shops or business.
  2. They employ a number of workers as supervisors and helpers.

Question: What is essential for the permanent shops?

Answer: They must have a licence to do business.

Question: Define ‘labour chowk’.

Answer: Labour chowk is a place where daily wage labourers wait with their tools for people to come and hire them for work.

Question: What is the normal working day in a garment factory?

Answer: In a garment factory a normal working day begins at 9 a.m. and finishes only by 10 p.m.

Question: What is a Call Centre?

Answer: A Call Centre is a centralized office that deals with problems and questions that consumers / customers have regarding goods purchased and services like banking, ticket booking, etc.

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