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Rural Administration

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Rural Livelihoods

Question: Who comprise the large farmers?

Answer: These rich farmers use their money to buy modern machines and tools to increase agricultural production.

Question: Who is a landless peasent?

Answer: Group of people who work on the land that belongs to other people are the landless peasants.

Question: What is a cottage industry?

Answer: People work in agro-based industries in people’s homes known as cottage industries.

Question: What is the main crop of Kalpattu village?

Answer: The main crop of Kalpattu village is paddy.

Question: How is Ramalingam different from others according to Thulasi?

Answer: Unlike others, Ramalingam does not go looking for cheaper labour from other villages. Whenever there is work, he calls Thulasi.

Question: What does Thulasi’s husband do when he finds no work on the farm?

Answer: In such situation he finds work outside either loading sand from the river or stone from the quarry nearby.

Question: Why did Thulasi borrow from Ramalingam?

Answer: She did so for her daughter’s treatment.

Question: How did she pay back the loan to Ramalingam.

Answer: She paid back her loan to Ramalingam by selling her cow.

Question: Name some other activities which poor families in rural areas often do for the household apart from farming.

Answer: Collecting firewood, getting water and grazing cattle.

Question: Why do people migrate?

Answer: People migrate from rural to urban areas to find job. .

Question: How much land does Sekar own?

Answer: Sekar owns two acres of land.

Question: How does he pay back the loan to trader?

Answer: He pays back the loan to trader by selling his paddy to him at a lower price.

Question: Why does Sekar need to earn some extra money?

Answer: Whatever he produces last only eight months. So, he needs to earn some extra money.

Question: What work does Sekar do at Ramalingam’s rice mill?

Answer: He helps Ramalingam collect paddy from other farmers in the neighbouring villager.

Question: Why do farmers like Sekar need to borrow money?

Answer: They need to borrow money to purchase basic things like seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

Question: Why do fishermen go far into the sea?

Answer: They go far into the sea to get a better catch.

Question: During which period do fish breed?

Answer: They breed during the monsoon.

Question: How do fishermen manage during the monsoon period?

Answer: During the monsoon period fishermen survive by borrowing from the trader.

Question: Why do farmers who have small landholdings take loan from money lenders?

Answer: They borrow money from them to buy seeds, fertilizers and pesticides and also when their crops fail due to scanty rainfall.

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