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New Ideas and New Religions

NCERT 6th Class Social Science: New Ideas and New Religions

Question: What was the atm of the thinkers in the society?

Answer: The thinkers wanted to understand the ongoing changes in the society and try to find out the true meaning of life.

Question: What did the Buddha do after his enlightenment?

Answer: The Buddha went to Sarnath and taught for the first time. He spent the rest of his life travelling and teaching people.

Question: What was the ‘Karma’ according to the Buddha?

Answer: ‘Karma’ refers to our actions – good or bad.

Question: How did the Buddha connect to everyone in the society?

Answer: The Buddha used Prakrit so that everyone could understand his teachings.

Question: What sort of people became Upanishadic thinkers?

Answer: The Upanishadic thinkers consisted of men, especially ‘brahmins’ and ‘rajas’. There were exceptions, however.

Question: What did Mahavira do to attain enlightenment?

Ans: Mahavira left home at the age of thirty. Then he spent twelve years in forest and led a hard and lonely life. Then he got enlightenment.

Question: State two basic rules of Jainism:


  1. The Jains had to beg for food.
  2. They were to be absolutely honest.

Question: Name the book which gives the rules of the Buddhist ‘Sangha’.

Answer: The Vinaya Pitaka gives the rules made for the Buddhist ‘Sangha’.

Question: Who all joined the ‘Sangha’?

Answer: Those who joined the ‘sangha’ included ‘Brahmins’, Kshatriyas’, merchants, labourers, slaves, etc.

Question: How did monks take shelter in the rainy season?

Answer: The monks got temporary shelters built during rainy season, or they lived in caves.

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