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NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Getting to Know Plants

Question: Can you find a plant in your house or in your neighborhood which has a long but a weak stem? Write its name. In which category would you classify it?

Answer: Yes, we find a money plant in our house. It is a climber.

Question: What is the function of a stem in a plant?

Answer: A stem performs following functions:

  1.  The stem and its branches hold leaves to get maximum sunlight.
  2.  It transports water from roots to different parts of the plant.
  3.  It transports food from leaves to different parts of the plant.
  4.  It bears leaves, flowers and fruits.

Question: Which of the following leaves have reticulate venation?Wheat, tulsi, maize, grass, coriander (dhania), china rose.

Answer: Tulsi, china rose.

Question: If a plant has fibrous root, what type of venation are its leaves likely to have?

Answer: Parallel venation.

Question: If a plant has leaves with reticulate venation, what kind of roots will it have?

Answer: Tap root.

Question: Is it possible for you to recognise the leaves without seeing them? How?

Answer: We cannot exactly recognise the leaves without seeing them. We may be able to have some idea by touching and smelling them.

Question: Write the names of the parts of a flower in sequence, from outside to inside.

Answer: The names of various parts of a flower from outside to inside are:

  1. Sepals
  2. Petals
  3. Stamens
  4. Pistil

Question: Name the part of the plant which produces its food. Name this process.

Answer: Leaves produce food for the plant. This process is called photosynthesis.

Question: In which part of a flower you are likely to find the ovary?

Answer: We find ovary in pistil. It is the lowermost part of the pistil.

Question: Name two flowers, each with joined and separates sepals.


Flowers with joined sepals:

  1.  Datura
  2.  Loki

Flowers with separate sepals:

  1.  Gurhal
  2.  Mustard

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