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NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Essence of Democracy

Question: Name the various races that live in South Africa

Answer: Various races that live in South Africa are:

  1. Black people who belong to South Africa
  2. Whites who came there to settle Indians who came as labourers and traders.

Question: What do you mean by apartheid?

Answer: Apartheid means separation on people on the basis of race are known as apartheid laws.

Question: Name one black township.

Answer: South Western Township (Soweto).

Question: Who was Hector? What did he want?.

Answer: Hector was a non-white. He wanted to learn his own language Zulu.

Question: Name the party that fought against the system of apartheid.

Answer: The African National Congress.

Question: Who is responsible for helping to resolveconflicts or differences?

Answer: The government is responsible for helping to resolve conflicts or differences.

Question: What is the role of police when there is a chance of violence?

Answer: The police try their best to ensure that violence does not take place.

Question: How did Dr. Ambedkar and many others like his view equality and justice?

Answer: They thought that justice can only be achieved when people are treated equally.

Question: How do our society view boys and girls?

Answer: In our society there is a general tendency to value and care for the boy children more than the girl children. Thus, the society does not keep boys and girls at the same level.

Question: What does government do to promote justice among the girls?

Answer: The government provides special provisions promote justice among the girls. It may lower the school fees for girls.

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