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Physical Education

Yoga – Physical Education: 11th Class Chapter 5

Yoga – Physical Education: 11th Class – Chapter 5

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Yoga – Physical Education Chapter Summary:

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  • The unification of atma with pratma is yoga. It is derived from Sanskrit word ‘yug’ which mean to write or join. According to Bhagavad Gita, ‘Samatvam Yoga ucchate is yoga.
  • To sit in the comfortable position for a longer period is called Asanas. It an Asanas the body is kept in different position so that our organs work more efficiently and actively. Asanas divided into there parts.
  • The kriyas are techniques used  for caring and purifying the body are mind internally. The techniques are six action which are also kraon as shatkarmas. Through the practice of six action and exercises we can purify our internal organs.

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