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Popular Struggles & Movements Quiz: 10th

NCERT 10th Class (CBSE) Civics: Popular Struggle & Movements Quiz

21 Multiple Choice Questions related to NCERT 10th Class (CBSE) Political Science: Popular Struggles & Movements Quiz:

  • Those communists who believe in the ideology of Mao, the leader of the Chinese revolution. They seek to overthrow the government through an armed revolution so as to establish the rule of the peasants and workers.
  •  It was an alliance of all the major political parties of Nepal. The alliance was created to restore democracy in Nepal.
  • The democratic government of Bolivia had sold the water supply right to a MNC which increased the price of water by four times.

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Popular Struggle & Movements Quiz – Chapter Summary:

Study Material and Notes of Popular Struggle & Movements 10th Political Science

  • Democracy involves conflicting interests and opinions
  • There are different ways through which ordinary citizen can play a role in democracy.
  • The movement in Nepal was aimed at restoring democracy.
  • Girija Prasad Koirala was chosen as the new Prime Minister of the interim government, by the SPA.
  • In Bolivia the people struggled successfully against privatization of water
  • Democracy is evolved through popular struggles and Mass mobilization resolves democratic conflict.
  • New political organisations form the basis of these conflicts and mobilizations.
  • The agencies of organised politics include political parties,pressure groups and movement groups. These organisations play their role in two ways – direct and indirect.
  • Government policies are influenced by a few organizations called Pressure groups.
  • Press or Groups can be classified as Sectional Interest Groups and Public Interest Groups
  • Some movements are Issue specific movements such as the Narmada Bachao Andolan in India movement.
  • Politics is influenced in a variety of ways by the pressure groups and movements
  • Public interest groups and movements perform a useful role when governments come under undue pressure from a small group of rich and powerful people and

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