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Lifelines of National Economy: 10th Geography

Lifelines of National Economy: 10 Geography

Question: Name any four international airports of India.

Answer: Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bombay

Question: Why is transport a necessity?

Answer: Transport is necessary to carry passengers and goods from one place to another.

Question: Name five means of transport.

Answer: There are five types of transport systems in India: roadways, railways, pipelines, waterways and airways.

Question: What is a national highway?

Answer: National highways connect one state with another and are of national importance. These roads are constructed and maintained by the central government. There is about 52,000 km of national highways.

Question: What are Expressway national highways?

Answer: The Expressway national highways have been planned to meet the requirement of fast movement of traffic in the country.

Question: Name the places, which will be connected by golden quadrilateral Expressway highways.

Answer: Golden Quadrilateral, connecting Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi, will have a length of 5846 km.

Question: Write the advantages of pipeline transportation for petroleum and natural gas.

Answer: Pipelines are now used for transportation of crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas from oil and natural gas fields to refineries, fertilizer factories and big thermal power plants. Such thermal power plants can now be constructed in a much shorter time and very close to their markets.

Question: Name two inland waterways of India.


  1. The Ganga river, between Allahabad and Haldia (1620 km)
  2. The Brahmaputra river, between Sadiya
  3. Dhubri (891 km)
  4. The West-coast canal, between Kollam and Kottayam (168 km)

Question: Name the major ports on the east coast of India

Answer: Kolkata / Haldia, Paradip, Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Ennore and Tuticorin are the major ports located on the east coast of India.

Question: Name the states where Mormugao, New Mangalore, Paradip and Tuticorin ports are located.


  1. Mormugao – Goa
  2. New Mangalore – Karnataka
  3. Paradip – Andhra Pradesh
  4. Tuticorin – Tamil Nadu

Question: Name three means of mass communication.

Answer: Books, magazines and newspapers are the three means of communication.

Question: What is meant by favorable balance of trade? Whether India’s foreign trade is favorable?

Answer: If the value of exports is more than the value of imports, it is called a favorable balance of trade.

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