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Diversity in India

Democracy and Diversity: 10 Political Science

Question: Who led the Civil rights movement in the USA?

Answer: Martin Luther King led the Civil rights movement in the USA.

Question: What difference does migration make to social homogeneity?

Answer: Migrants bring their own culture with them making the society heterogeneous.

Question: Give two examples to show that political competition along religious and ethnic lines can lead to disintegration.

Answer: Partition of India and the disintegration of Yugoslavia are the examples that political competition along religious and ethnic lines can lead to disintegration.

Question: Give one example to show that we all have more than one identity and can belong to more than one social group.

Answer: Two persons may belong to the same community, but one person may be rich and the other person may be poor. They belong to the same community but not to the same social group.

Question: What are the origins of Social Differences?

Answer: Birth is the main cause for social differences. There may be many drawbacks in it, as one cannot change this. We belong to a community simply because we were born into it. We experience the social differences based on accident of birth in our everyday lives.

Social differences exist due to gender differences; physical attributes and due to different physical abilities or disabilities.

A few differences are based on our choices. Education, profession and economic standards also create social difference. All these lead to formation of social groups that are based on individual choices.

Question: What are the three important factors in the outcome of politics of social divisions?

Answer: The first and foremost factor is for people to see their identities as multiple and complementary to the national identity. This helps them to stay together. People in our country should think of themselves as Indian as well as belonging to a state or a language group or a social or religious community.

The second factor depends on how political leaders raise the demands of any community. The demands should be within the constitutional framework and not at the cost of another community.

The third factor depends on how the demands of different groups are met by the government. The demands of minority community should also be and the rulers should be willing to share power.

Question: Examine two features of the social groups of each North Ireland and Netherlands.


  1. Both are predominantly Christians but divided between Catholics and Protestants.
  2. In Northern Ireland, class and religion overlap with each other. If you are Catholic, you are also more likely to be poor, and you may have suffered a history of discrimination.
  3. In the Netherlands, class and religion tend to cut across each other. Catholics and Protestants are about equally likely to be poor or rich.
  4. The result is that Catholics and Protestants have had conflicts in Northern Ireland, while they do not do so in the Netherlands.

Question: The medal ceremony of 1968 Mexico Olympic became a historical landmark. Explain by giving examples.


  1. The incident provided a boost to the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.
  2. (i) The athletes tried to draw international attention to racial discrimination in the United States during the Mexico Olympics.
    (ii) Their action succeeded in gaining international attention for the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

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