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10th CBSE English Board Exam 2018-19 Unsolved Paper

10th CBSE English (Communicative) Board Examination (2018-19)

Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 80
Subject: English
Class: X
Date: 23/03/2019

General Instructions:

  • The question paper is divided into three sections:
    Section A: Reading        20 marks
    Section B: Writing and Grammar  3o marks
    Section C: Literature      30 marks
  • All questions are compulsory.
  • You may attempt any section at a time.
  • All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.

Section A

(Reading) 20 marks

Question: 1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow. [8]

  1. With eager anticipation we awaited the next stage. A tailor was called in to measure us, five boys and one girl, Mary Lila Rao, for the sports kits. I was filled with happiness, just like a child who had been given a bag full of candy. After all, I would be fulfilling my dream to wear a blazer with INDIA written on it!
  2. A week later, we left for Australia. The night before we left I could not sleep. My small suitcase had been packed with my kit and bedding and I waited for the sun to rise. Excited by the prospect of what lay ahead, we boarded the train to Bombay, the first lap of our long journey across the seas to far-off Australia. When we reached Bombay’s Churchgate station, we were taken by bus to the Astoria Hotel. It was the first time that I had seen such a grand place, and I could barely believe my eyes. What was I, a simple village boy doing in such a different world? While we were at the Astoria, Commander Rekhi, our manager, showed us how to knot a tie and gave us lessons on table manners.
  3. When we reached Santa Cruz, the entire atmosphere at the terminal seemed unreal-its bright lights, the strange sounds the rush of people. Except for Mary Lila Rao, none of us had flown before. I was scared and confused. I had no bedding and no food. Where would I sleep? What would I eat? How would the plane take off with so many people, their luggage and other cargo? Would it crash under so much weight? I followed my companions towards the huge monster that awaited us, and blindly climbed up the ramp into the cabin. I was asked to fasten my seat belt, but naturally I did not know what to do and was fumbling with the straps when the air-hostess kindly helped me.
  4. When the plane started to taxi along the runway, I closed my eyes and prayed to my God. I had butterflies in my stomach as the plane ascended. And then we were airborne. When I looked out of the window I saw smoke pouring out of the engines, and raised an alarm, thinking that the plane was on fire. The air-hostess calmed me down, patiently explaining that it was only the fuel burning. I felt very foolish and laughed with relief.

(Adapted from the Autobiography of Milkha Singh)

1.1. Attempt any eight of the following questions on the basis of the passage you have read have read. [1×8=8]

  1. Why couldn’t Milkha Singh sleep a night before they left?
  2. How many people had flown earlier?
  3. What made the atmosphere of Santa Cruz seem unreal?
  4. Give any two reasons responsible for Milkha’s worry or confusion?
  5. According to him what a huge monster?
  6. Why was he fascinated by the hotel?
  7. Why did the air-hostess need to help him?
  8. Why did he pray to his God?
  9. Identify and name the figure of speech in para-1?

Question: 2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow. [12]

Peer Pressure:

  1. Peer pressure is a phenomenon wherein we tend to get influenced by the lifestyle and the ways of things of our peers. Peer pressure can prove beneficial but it is most often observed to have negative effects.
  2. The thought, behaviour and taste in fashion, music, television and other walks of life of the masses are often seen to have a deep impact on society. We stand to get influenced by the lifestyle of our peer group. The changing ways of life of our peers often force us to change our ways of looking at life and leading it. It’s a human tendency to do what the crowd does. Few have the courage to resist the peer pressure and be their own selves rather than being one among the lot. Peer pressure is bound to affect most of us both positively and negatively. The distinction between positive and negative peer pressure lies in a thoughtful analysis of the views of the masses. Following your peers blindly leaves a negative impact on your life while an analytical approach of looking at peer behaviour can help you act positively. Peer pressure is not always bad. It can help you analyze yourself and contemplate on your ways of life. Some of the practices that the masses follow may actually teach you the way of living. You may be able to change yourself for the better. Looking at what others do, can help you can pick selectively, peer pressure can actually result in a positive change in your way of life.
  3. Teenage is that phase of life when you are exposed to the world outside. These are the years when you spend most of your time with your friends. Teenage is the phase of beginning to become independent in life; the years of forming your ideals and principles, the years that shape your personality and the years that introduce you to your own self. As adolescents you often spend most of your daily time with friends and owing to this, you tend to imitate your friends. The people around you are bound to influence you. However, the effect 0f the influences of the masses is greater during your teen years. Parents and teachers need to be careful while dealing with teenagers, as they are most susceptible to succumb to peer pressure during these years of their life. Teenage individual need to be taught to distinguish between the good and the bad, the right and the wrong and should be thoughtful in life.
  4. A strong support from family, an ability to differentiate between the positive and the negative and a skill to choose friends from among the peers-this three-pronged strategy is the best way to keep away from negative peer pressure.

2.1. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each: [2×4=8]

  1. How can changing ways of life of our peers affect us?
  2. What needs courage?
  3. Name any two factors which can help your from peer pressure.
  4. State any two characteristics of teenage.
  5. Why are teenagers more likely to be affected by peer pressure?

2.2. On the basis of your reading of the passage, fill in any two of the following blanks with appropriate words / phrases: [1×2=2]

  1. A negative impact on life can be left by ________.
  2. A thoughtful analysis of views of masses will lead to ________.
  3. Selective picking can result in ________.

2.3. Attempt any two of the following. Find out the words that mean the same as under: [1×2=2]

  1. Affected by (Para 1)
  2. Difference (Para 2)
  3. Give in to (Para 3)

Section B

(Writing and Grammar) 30 marks

Question: 3. Write a latter in 100-120 words, to the Editor of The Hindu, Chennai discussing in detail the advantages and disadvantage of ban on crackers. You are Anu / Arju, 112, Lawrence Road, Kochi. [8]


Write an article in 100-120 words on the topic, ‘Increasing Population in the Cities’. You are Ram / Rama. You may use the following clues: migration from villages – more jobs – better educational facilities – effect  on living conditions – overcrowding – slums – water and power supply – traffic jams.

Question: 4. Write a short story in 200-250 words, with the help of the cues given below. Give a suitable title to the story.

It is not always true that slow and steady wins the race – this was discovered by Rohan / Renu when …………. [10]


Rohan / Renu and his / her pet inseparable – one day – long trek – lost their way – separated from each other – used good sense – reunited – returned safely.

Question: 5. Fill in any four of the following blanks choosing the most appropriate options from the ones given below. [1×4=4]

  1. Politeness is said to (a) _______ one of the important characteristics of a civilized person.
  2. The (b) _______ enemy of politeness is ego.
  3. To be a polite person, you (c) ________ to sacrifice your ego.
  4. It is difficult (d) _______ an egoist to be polite.
  5. Polite actions (e) ________ fine results.

(a) (i) is                              (ii) be                           (iii) are                        (iv) being
(b) (i) less great                (ii) more great            (iii) greatest               (iv) greater
(c) (i) have                        (ii) had                         (iii) has                        (iv) must
(d) (i) by                            (ii) of                            (iii) since                     (iv) for
(e) (i) give                         (ii) gave                        (iii) gives                     (iv) giving

Question: 6. In the following paragraph one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before it and the word that follows it. (any four). [1×4=4]

Word  Missing  Word
before  word      after

In 2018, Indian Woman’s cricket team a e.g. team played a

T-20 match Pakistani team.
India won toss and
chose field first. The Pakistani team
lost three wickets no time.
The fourth wicket tried level
best to save the match.
(a) ………….   …………..  …………..
(b) ………….   …………..  …………..
(c) ………….   …………..  …………..
(d) ………….   …………..  …………..
(e) ………….   …………..  …………..

Question: 7. Rearrange any four of the word clusters to make meaningful sentences. [1×4=4]

(i) stormy / scary / a / was / and / night / dark / it

(ii) to / the visibility / road / drive / on the / was / too poor

(iii) way / fallen / obstructing / a / the / tree / was

(iv) to / the / be / drivee / needed / careful / very

(v) succeed / only / driver / an / would / experienced

Section C

(Literature: Text Book and Long Reading Texts) 30 marks

Question: 8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow: [4]

If thou dost bend and pray and fawn for him,
I spurn thee like a cur out of my way.

  1. Identify the speaker of the above extract.
  2. Who was bending, praying and fawning?
  3. In what context have the above words been spoken?
  4. What do these words reveal about the character of the speaker?


“They will be useful to you, and they can never be to me. But will you do one thing?” “What?”
What do you see up there? said Ali, pointing to be sky.

  1. Identify the person spoken to.
  2. What does the word ‘They’ refer to?
  3. Why did Ali say ‘They’ can never be useful to him?
  4. What opinion do you form of Ali on the basis of the given extract?

Question: 9. Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each: [2×4=8]

  1. Why was Nicola not willing to share his ‘plans’ with the narrator?
  2. Why was John Hallock eager to burn the Ouija Board?
  3. In what ways had the nightingale’s life changed after her arrival in the Bingle Bog?
  4. Why did the sailor hail the albatross in ‘God’s name’?
  5. Miss Mebbin was a clever opportunist. Substantiate with reference to ‘Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger.’

Question: 10. Attempt the following question in 100-120 words. [8]

For Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Jordon greed for money is more important then their love for their father. Comment.
(The Dear Departed)
In what sense can we call Michael a true gentleman?
(Virtually True)

Question: 11. Answer the following question in 200-250 words. [10]

In “The Dairy of a Young Girl,” what opinion did Anne have of the adults who lived in the Annexe?
Attempt a character sketch of Mrs. Edith Frank as described in ‘The Diary of a Young Girl.’
In ‘The Story of My Life’, how did Helens’s interaction with Dr. Bell change her outlook on the world around her?
Attempt a character sketch of Ms. Anne Sullivan.

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