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English essay on My Favourite Teacher for students & children

10th English Periodic Test III (2018-19)

School Name: Venkateshwar Global School, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi 110085 India
Time: 3 hours
M.M: 80
Subject Code: 101
Class: X
Date: 14.01.2019
Reading Time: 10 minutes

General Instructions:

  • The question paper is divided into three sections:
  • Section A: Reading  – 20 marks
  • Section B: Writing & Grammar – 30 marks
  • Section C: Literature Text Book & Long Reading Text – 30 marks
  • Please check that the question paper contains 11 questions.
  • All questions are compulsory.
  • You may attempt any section at a time.
  • All questions of a particular section must be attempted in the correct order.

Section A (Reading)

Question: 1. Read the following  passage carefully. [8]

1. When I left the USA on the Ides of March of 1973, I never suspected would end up living in India. What I expected was a brief American so-journ before returning to begin the September term at the University of Oklahoma Medical School.

2. A month later, I was lying on my back in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, violently ill with dysentery. Two Frenchmen had taken pity on me and had brought me back to their apartment to spend the weekend unit I could locate a doctor. They were themselves on their way to what they described as a: “witch doctors’ convention, “a gathering of healers, magicians and trance mediums in the deep bush. Their guide was himself a “witch doctor”. He insisted on treating me, and I was too weak to object.

3. I thought nothing of it when he poured a glass of purified water from the carafe near my head and began to stare intently into it. I watched passively as he mumbled some sort of incantation over the glass and handed it to me to drink. I drank passively, assuring  myself that mere water could do me no harm even if it did me no good. The doctor and the Frenchmen bade me adieu, and I sank into a profound sleep. When I woke some hours later, expecting to feel the dispiriting urgency of the disease, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my abdomen was  calm. It remained calm all that day and next, and would have continued to remain calm had I known then what I know now about temporarily cured me, and with very little effort of faith on my part.

4. During my next few days of convalescence in that flat, I also read Autobiography of a Yogi which swung my internal compass around towards India.

5. Ayurveda taught me that therapy becomes healing only when there is a healer involved Knowing how to bring a creation to life is what separates a real artist from a mere artisan. Medical artist, men and women who marry their art to their science, make good medicines.

But Ayurveda — literally, “the science of life, ” or “the knowledge of living,”  or “the art of longevity” — encompasses far more than mere therapeutic art. Ayurveda addresses everything that makes life worth living, like cookery. A well – tempered ayurvedic physician has the same feel for his therapies that an expert cook has for his recipes.
This feel, which develops as the physician attunes to nature, is what transmutes a clinician’s technical proficiency into intuitive healing. Ayurveda is not unscientific; it has progressed beyond mechanistic science.

6. No doctor since the beginning of time has ever cured a patient and no doctor ever will, for Nature alone can cure. Nature performs the miracles, doctors need only teach their patients how to tap into Nature’s wonder working.

Question: 1.1. On the basis of your reading of the above passage fill any eight blanks with appropriate words/phrases.
(a) The author never knew that _________
(b) The author stayed in the Frenchmen’s apartment because _________
(c) The ‘Witch doctors’ convention’ included _________
(d) The author was surprised when he woke up because __________
(e) The write read Autobiography of a Yogi when _________
(f) Ayurveda taught the write that _________
(g) A physician who can _________ is a well-tempered Ayurveda physician.
(h) Doctors cannot really cure as it is ________
(i) Doctors only need to teach _________

Question: 2. Read the following passage carefully: [12]

  1. The daily commute from home to work in a Mumbai local is a fascinating experience. The Railway is the biggest leveler in this city. What caught my attention one day in the ladies’ compartment was that everyone -from a 10 – year – old girl accompanying her mother – sat with earpieces on, plugged into their own world of music and private thoughts, avoiding eye contact with anyone, lest a need should arise for small talk; Or worse, a conversation throughout the journey.
  2. We all live in a plugged – in wold where communication is child’s play. But one of the biggest casualties of this connected world has been the art of conversation. Says an advertisement executive, “conversation is a formality these days. Even when friends meet and talk, their eyes are glued to their phones. I have heard people say, ‘Make it quick. What do you have to say?’ It’s almost like they are waiting for the ‘talk’ part to get over so they can relax, go back to texting and checking their Facebook statuses.”
  3. We live in a self – absorbed world. We love talking, arguing, debating in our own heads. The moment it becomes real, we lose control. Whether it is a sociologist’s speech on the caste system, a superstar’s article on being a Muslim In India, or TV debates that sound more like slanging matches; out inability to listen and talk to people to understand their point of view, stand out. A spiritual guru BK Shivani asks, “Whether on social media plattoms. TV in real life, Why are conversations only about winning or proving a point these days? BY choosing to fight a corner, aren’t we saying to the world that we would rather be right than happy? Winning an argument isn’t winning. It is the ego’s way of trying to convince us that we are victorious because we have avoided defeat.
  4. A professor of the social studies of science and technology at one of the US universities writes in her latest book one of the mains reasons people don’t converse anymore is that “a conversation takes place in real time and you can’t control what you are going to say. We get edit, and that means we get to delete, and that means we get to retouch the face, the voice, the flesh, the body”. Texting is preferred to talking. Emails have made our conversations crisp, cool and to the point. Whether it’s an official mail or a personal text, we can type and retype till we see a sentence that satisfies our ego. There is no room for mistakes.

Question: 2.1. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer any four of the following questions in about 30 – 40 words each: [2 × 4 = 8]
(a) Why is the local train in the Mumbai called the biggest leveler?
(b) Why do people avoid talking to each other?
(c) Why don’t people have patience these days?
(d) How have emails changed our way of communicating?
(e) Why do we say that we live in a self – absorbed world?

Question: 2.2. Attempt any two of the following. Find the word from the passage that is closest in meaning to each phrase.

(a). shuttle (para 1)            (b). quarrel (para 3)          (c) self esteem (para 4)

2.3. On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer any two the following questions briefly.
(a) What is the importance of ‘Emails’?
(b) What do you understand by “Winning an argument isn’t winning”?
(c) What is the art of conversation?

Section B (Writing & Grammar)

Question: 3. You are Revathy. You happen to see the following news item in a newspaper about the popularity of Indian handicraft abroad. But you are unhappy about the lack of recognition given to the artisans by the Government. Write a latter to the editor of a newspaper about the difficulties they face and the steps to be taken to solve their problems. Use the information given below and your own ideas. (100-120 word)


New Delhi: Indian Handicrafts are in great demand in the US. Europe and the Gulf countries. The artisans feel their products are not given the required publicity. Further the products are bought from them at very low prices by the middlemen and sold later at high prices abroad. They hope that the Government would do something in this regard. [8]


You are Akshita Saran of 47, Model Town, New Delhi. You have appeared for class X board examination. You want to improve your spoken English. You see an advertisement about a course in Spoken English. Write a letter of enquiry in 100-120 words to The Director of The School of English Language, 12 F, Pusa Road, New Delhi.

Question: 4. Write a short story, in about 200-250 words, with any one set of the cues given in the boxes below. [10]

Mehak, Aliya and two other friends decided to go on a picnic to a beach. They packed their bags and were quite excited. They reached the picnic spot and came across a small child who was crying …………..


On November 10, we all were decorating our house to celebrate the most awaited festival, Diwali. My heart was filled with excitement to meet my father after a long gap of six years. But a call from the army headquarter left us stunned ………

Question: 5. Fill in any four of the blanks with correct words. Write the answer in your answer sheet against the correct bank. Do not copy the whole passage. [4]

Every city should have a flower that (a) _______ can call its own. Some national flowers have cultural or religious roots (b) _______ go back hundreds or even thousands of years and may or may not have been officially adopted. Tokyo is (c) ________ its best when the cherry blossoms bloom. Amsterdam (d) _______ the tulip. And our own Delhi has the laburnum which blazes (e). _______ over the capital every spring.

Question: 6. The following passage have not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the space provided. Do not copy the whole passage. Attempt any four sentences. [4]

Incorrect         Correct
(a) Hiking provide a perfect opportunity
(b) for nature study. As you walk away
(c) you are bound to see various tree,
(d) plants, birds, insects or butterflies.
(e) After the few days of regular observation
you can identify the butterflies
by their colors.

Question: 7. Rearranging any four of the following word clusters to make meaningful sentences. [4]

(a) boredom/ helps you/deal with/to/makes/learning/and/person/better/a/you
(b) interpersonal / you / in developing / it / skills /helps
(c) within / you/ discover / it / helps / those / lurking / inner / you / resources
(d) forever / remained / that / have / otherwise / buried / would / within you
(e) you / yourself / to spend / boredom / teaches / time / also / with

Section C (Literature and Long Reading Text)

Question: 8. Read the lines given below and answer the questions that follow. [4]

CALPURNIA ‘Caesar, I never stood on ceremonies,
                            Yet now they fright me. There is one within,
                            Besides the things that we have heard and seen,
                            Recounts most horrid sights seen by the watch.’

(a) What does ‘swindling’ mean?
(b) What was nothing short of swindling in Amelia’s opinion?
(c) What does this statement speak about Amelia’s character?
(d) How was Elizabeth different from her sister?

Question: 9. Answer any four of the following questions in about 30-40 words. [2 × 4 = 8]

(a) How did Michael equip himself for the game experience at his Powerbase?
(b) How did Decius Brutus interpret Calpurnia’s dream?
(c) What were the special touches that Patol Babu gave to his role to make it more authentic?
(d) Why did the clerks and postman consider Ali as mad man?
(e) Why did Calpurnia stop Caesar from going to the Senate House?

Question: 10. Attempt any one out of the two following long answer type questions in 100-120 words. [8]

(a) “He had done his job well. All those years of struggle hadn’t blunted his sensibilities. “Do you feel the talent and skills of a person who is so passionate don’t die with time? Elaborate.
(b) The Play ‘Dear Departed’ bring out the negative qualities of humans such as greed and avarice. These are the qualities that we as humans need to shun. Do you agree? If yes, how do you think we can ensure that we do not become victims to such qualities?

Question: 11. A. Answer the following question based on prescribed novel text for extended reading in about 200-250 words. [10]

The Diary of a Young Girl

Question: 11. A. i. What opinion does Anne form of herself in the chapters?
Question: 11.A. ii. Draw a character sketch of Anne’s friend Lies.
Question: 11. B. Answer the following question based on prescribed novel text for extended reading in about  200-250 words.

The Story of My Life

Question: 11. B. i. The charges of plagiarism had shaken Helen’s confidence and demoralised her. How did she regain her confidence in life? Justify with suitable instances from the text.
Question: 11. B. ii. in the life of Helen Keller, “Ms. Anne Sullivan acts as an inspiration’. Justify with suitable instances from the text.

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