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Water resources: 10th CBSE Geography


Question: How is freshwater obtained? Answer: The freshwater is obtained from precipitation, surface run off and groundwater that is continually being renewed and recharged through the hydro-logical cycle. Question: What is hydro-logical cycle? Answer: The continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of earth. Question: What is ...

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Sectors of Indian Economy: 10 Economics


Question: What are economic activities? Answer: The activities which contribute to the flow of goods and services in an economy. Question: There are many activities that are undertaken by directly using natural resources. What are these activities known as? Answer: Primary activities Question: Give any two examples of primary activities. ...

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Popular Struggles & Movements: 10 Civics

Media and Democracy

Question: What was the aim of the popular Nepal movement of April 2006? Answer: The aim of the popular movement was to restore democracy. In February 2005, the king dismissed the Prime Minister and dissolved the popularly elected parliament. Question: Who were Maoist? Answer: Those communists who believe in the ideology of ...

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