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Ideals Of Our Constitution: 8th SST


Question: Define Preamble. Answer: The preface or introduction to our Constitution is known as the Preamble. The Preamble indicates the source, the objectives and the underlying spirit of our Constitution. Question: On which date the Indian Constitution was passed by the Constituent assembly? Answer: November 26, 1949 Question: Who is …

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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Untouchability – A Social Evil

Untouchability – A Social Evil

Question: Who was Soyrabai? Answer: She belonged to the Mahar caste. Question: Name two distinct cultural and religious groups in the country. Answer: Muslims and Parsis. Question: What did the marginal groups rely on to protect themselves from continued exploitation by other groups? Answer: Marginal groups relied on the Constitution of India …

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NCERT 8th Class Social Science: The Police And The Courts

The Police And The Courts

Question: Define the term “Criminal Justice System”. Answer: Criminal justice system is the ‘body of law’ or ‘Court’ regulating the inquiry into whether a person has violated criminal law or not. Question: What is the role of the police in the Criminal Justice System? Answer: In the Criminal Justice System …

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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: The Constitution And The Need For Law


Question: What is a constitution? Why need to have a constitution? Answer: A constitution is an important document laying down the fundamental principles of a country. The country is governed by these principles. Our Constitution was prepared by the Constituent Assembly. The Indian Constitution came into effect on 26 January …

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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Natural Resources – Natural Vegetation

Equatorial Forest Region

Question: What is the Vanamahotsava? Answer: The social programme of planting trees, organised at community level is called Vanamahotsava. Question: How is a bird like vulture important for the ecosystem? Answer: A vulture feeds on dead livestock and so it cleanses the environment. Question: What is the distinguishing feature between evergreen …

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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Disaster And Its Management

NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Science: Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tidal Waves

Question: Distinguish between the following: Answer: 1. Focus and epicenter: Focus:  Focus is the point below the surface of the earth where an earthquake originates. This is the point where rocks first rupture or break when an earthquake takes place due to movement of bedrock and release of energy in …

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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Industries – Comparative Studies


Question: Name large scale industries. Answer: The large scale industries are as under: Textile industries Iron and Steel industry Sugar industry Cement industry Aircraft industry Question: Why is iron and steel industry called basic industry? Answer: The iron and steel industry is called a basic industry because it provides iron and …

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