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Elements of Civil Engineering

1 Semester

Civil Engineering [Engineering]

Kurukshetra University [Bachelor of Engineering]

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Elements of Civil Engineerings

3 1
Exam.: 75 Marks
Sessional: 25 Marks
Total: 100 Marks
Time: 3 Hrs.

Building Materials & Construction: Cement, sand, aggregate, bricks, reinforcing bars, structural steel sections.
Brick masonry: Bonds in brick work, reinforced brick work, load bearing walls, damp- roofing and water proofing, doors and windows.
Making of concrete, reinforced concrete: columns, beams, lintels, floors and roofs, staircases, water retaining structures, foundations.

Structural Steel:
Properties, design of tension and compression members, beams and roof Trusses, constructions- rewetted bolted and welded, industrial buildings and towers.

Soils and Foundations:
Types of soils, bearing capacity of soils, improving the bearing capacity, earth pressure, foundation for walls, columns, machines and transmission towers, pile foundation.

Water supply and treatment:
Water needs, estimation of water demand, impurities in water and their sanitary significance, water quality standards, water treatment systems, distribution systems- gravity, pumping and dual system, need for sanitation, systems of sanitation-water borne and conservancy methods of sanitation, sewerage systems-partial, combined and separate systems.

1. Building Construction by Sushil Kumar, Standard Pub., New Delhi.
2. Reinforced Concrete by I.C.Syal & A.K.Goyal, A.H Wheeler & Co., Delhi
3. Design of steel Structures by A.S.Arya & J.L.Ajonani Nem Chand & Bros.
4. Basics & Applied Soil Mechanics by Gopal Ranjan & ASR Rao, New Age Int. Pub., New Delhi
5. Water Supply Enggi. By S.K. Garg.

Note: The Examiners will set eight questions, taking two from each unit. The students are required to attempt five questions in all selecting at least one from each unit. All questions will carry equal marks.

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