Tuesday , October 20 2020
Educate kids on pollution, worried DoE tells schools

Health Is Wealth Speech For Students And Children

Health Is Wealth Speech III

Good morning to the respected Principal, teachers and all my dear friends. As we have gathered here to celebrate this great occasion, I would like to speech over health is wealth. It is a most common saying which we generally listen by our grandparents, parents and teachers. But, I want to ask you all that how many of us have think about and follow this remedy in their life. We all know that what is ‘health is wealth’ but is anyone of us have think the real meaning of it. Now-a-days, people’s life has been so busy that they have no time for their health maintenance, doing exercises, talk to family members, friends, neighbors, etc because of increasing competitions and technologies.

We should never forget that without health there is nothing in our life. Health is more valuable for us than other things in the life because it is the only tool of success. Unhealthy people can never get the real joy and peace of life. This famous proverb tells us that health is more valuable than money and other precious things all over the world. If we suffer any disease, money can only help us to get medicine and limited relief; however it cannot remove diseases completely from the body. If we get relief from one disease then it will leave other diseases as a complication. It means weak and unhealthy body calls many diseases one by one which we never can be free off.

We need to keep ourselves healthy and happy to easily cope with all the problems of life. We can be healthy through proper and daily exercises, morning walk, healthy diet, following good habits, disciplined lifestyle, and positive thinking. Healthy body keeps body, mind and soul happy and peaceful. A healthy person becomes completely free from the illnesses in body and mind and thus able to enjoy stable health and all the happiness in the life. Being healthy for the people of any age group depends upon the several factors like food, physical activity, pollution, sleeping habits, way of thinking, mental condition, water, air, sunlight, etc. Together with the physical exercises; proper care of the body is also very necessary. Unhealthy people spend their whole life in suffering from diseases and complaining others for their condition. Life is very beautiful if it is lived in right direction. Please do not waste it by being diseased, instead live it happily. My motto of today’s speech on this topic is only to share my feelings to all of you for the wellness of all of us.

Thank You.

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