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Rural Administration

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Rural Administration

Question: Describe the composition of the Police administration in a district?

Answer: The head of the police in the state is known as the Commissioner of Police (state) or DGP the Director General of Police. The states are divided into districts and the Superintendent of Police (SP) heads the Police administration in each district. The police district is divided into police sub-divisions which fall under the command of the Deputy Superintendent of Police. The police subdivision in the rural areas i made up of one or more police circles. The officer in change is called the Circle Inspector (CI). Under the police circles, these are police stations known as thanas. A thana is generally under the control of a SHO (Station House Officer) who is usually of the rank of a Sub-Inspector. Under SHO these are Assistant Sub-Inspectors, Head Constable and Constables. There is also a Chowkidar n each village who reports all criminal activities to the nearest police station and maintains order in the village.

Commissioner of Police (DGP)

Superintendent of Police (SP)

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)

Circle Inspector (CI)

Station House Officer (SHO)

Assistant Sub-Inspectors (ASI)

Head Constable



Question: Enumerate various works of a Patwari.

Answer: A Patwari does various types of works:

  1. He measures land keeps land records.
  2. He is responsible for a group of villages.
  3. He maintains and updates the records of the village.
  4. He is responsible for organising the collection of land revenue from the farmers and providing information to the government about the crops grown in the area.

Question: Write a brief note on ‘Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005’.

Answer: Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005 brought females on the same level with males. Till recently, prior to the new law Hindu women did not get a share in the family’s agricultural land. After the death of the father his property was divided equally only among his sons. But now the situation has been changed. In the new law sons, daughters and their mothers can get an equal share in the land. The same law will apply to all states and union territories of the country. The new law will benefit a large number of women. Now they can enjoy their independent status with equal rights.

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