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Rural Administration

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Rural Administration

Question: In your neighborhood are there women who own property? How did they acquire it?

Answer: There is one woman in my neighborhood who own property. She acquired a part of this property from her paternal side and the rest with her own labour and hard work.

Question: What is the work of the revenue department of the government?

Answer: The revenue department of the government supervises the work of the Patwari. It ensures that records are properly kept and land revenue is collected. It also ensures that farmers can easily obtain a copy of their land record. It is the revenue department that makes the students obtain their caste certificates. It also resolves the revenue disputes.

Question: What would have the Patwari done to resolve the dispute between Mohan and Raghu?

Answer: The Patwari would have measured both Mohan’s and Raghu’s fields and compared them with the measurements on the map. If they did not match then it would be clear that the boundary of the fields has been changed.

Question: What is the work of a Tehsildar?

Answer: A Tehsildar has to hear the disputes. He also supervises the work of the Patwari and ensures that records are properly kept and land revenue is collected. They make sure that the farmers can easily obtain a copy of their record, students can obtain their caste certificates etc.

Question: Why Should land records be maintained?

Answer: The record of land was needed to ensure that there were no disputes related to ownership of land. It helped the government to calculate taxes and to carry out land reforms.

Question: How is the computerization of  land the land records done? How is it useful?

Answer: The Government of India has designed special computer software called the Patwari Information System to computerize land records. States such as Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajsthan, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have computerized land records. It is checked by The Patwari for errors. After corrections a final Printout is taken and is signed by the Revenue officer. The Jamabandi is then made available on the website as well.

Advantage of computerization of land reward:

  1. It will facilitate easy maintenance of records and grease legal changes like transfer of ownership, Partition, land acquisition, lease etc.
  2. The advantage of this process is that data can also be accessible easily anytime, anywhere with security and transparency.

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