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6th Class (CBSE) Science: Fun With Magnets

6th Class (CBSE) Science: Fun With Magnets

Question: What is Magnet?

Answer: Any material that has the property of attracting iron is called a magnet. The name magnet is derived from magnetite. Magnetite is a natural magnet. The force that the magnet exerts on iron is called magnetic force. A magnet can have any shape but is usually in the form of Bar Magnet and Horse Shoe Magnet.


Question: Why does a freely suspended magnet point in the north-south direction?

Answer: It is believed that earth itself behaves like a huge bar magnet with its magnetic poles near the geographical North and South Poles. In freely suspended magnet, the north pole points towards the geographical North Pole since it is attracted by the earth’s magnetic South Pole. Similarly, the South pole of the suspended magnet is attracted by the earth’s magnetic North Pole and therefore, points towards the geographical South Pole.

Question: What will happen to the poles of a magnet if it is broken into two?

Answer: If we cut a magnet into two, we cannot isolate the north and the south poles. Instead we will end up with two separate magnets, each with its own north and south poles.

Question: Will a strong magnet attract a piece of copper? Why?

Answer: No, a strongest magnet cannot attract a piece of copper because it is non-magnetic.

Question: State the rules for attraction and repulsion between two magnets.

Answer: Magnet has two poles, north and south, like poles repel each other, while unlike poles attract each other.

Question: One precaution you should always take while handling a magnet is not to drop it. Why?

Answer: Magnet loses its magnetism if it falls from height, therefore precaution must be taken while handling a magnet.

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