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6th Class (CBSE) Science: Electricity and Circuits

Question: What is an electric cell?

Answer: An electric cell is a device which converts chemical energy into electric energy. It has two different metal plates:
1. one is the positive terminal
2. the other is the negative terminal
These plates are kept inside a chemical called electrolyte, which stores the chemical energy.

Question: What is the purpose of using an electric switch? Name some electrical gadgets that have switches built into them.

Answer: An electric switch is a simple device which is used to break or complete an electric circuit. Switches are widely used in different electrical or electronic gadgets. A few are:

  1. Toggle switches used in houses.
  2. Push-button switches used in microwaves, water pump, mixer etc.
  3. Joystick switches used in Video Games Controllers. Toy Car etc.

Question: What are the components of an electric circuit?

Answer: In general a circuit has the following components:

  1. A cell or battery: source of electricity.
  2. Connecting wires
  3. Bulb or electric device
  4. Key or switch

Question: How many terminals are there in an electric cell?

Answer: An electric cell has two terminals; positive and negative. The metal cap is the positive terminal of the cell and the metal disc is the negative terminal.

Question: Using the “conduction tester” on an object it was found that the bulb begins to glow. Is that object a conductor or an insulator? Explain.

Answer: Since the object allows current to flow and completes the circuit. Due to this bulb begins to glow. It means the object is a conductor of electricity.

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