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Step by Step School - Noida, Noida

Plot A-10, Sector - 132, Taj Expressway, Noida, Uttar Pradesh [India]


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Central Board of Secondary Education

Central Board of Secondary Education

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The Step By Step School, Noida is another step forward from a leading preschool in Panchsheel Park New Delhi. In March 1992 the Nursery School opened its doors to eight children and two members of staff. Today, with over 400 children and 50 members of faculty, after sixteen years the Step by Step Nursery School has established an enviable reputation as an institution of innovation and quality. The institution endeavor to create a learning environment in which all children will feel enabled and encouraged to become successful learners. A caring and challenging school culture will ensure that students grow into responsible and courageous members of our society.

School Term logy

The preschool is of 4 early years/ four hour day of Toddlers, Montessori, Nursery and Kindergarten. The classrooms are large, airy, colorful. Separate art, music and dance spaces and creative play areas are designed by legendary New York based landscape architect Paul Friedburg. It is encircled by kitchen gardens, tree houses, rope bridges and orchard groves.

The Junior School is adjacent to the Preschool and has an independent access. The junior school is home to classes 1 - 5 with Vibrant and colorful classrooms, and is complete with its separate Library (270 sq metres), multi media rooms, Science and IT Laboratories, the Discovery Room, Art, Music and Dance spaces, a leafy amphitheater and a playing field with separate areas for the basketball/volleyball courts.

The Middle and Senior School scheduled for completion in February 2010 are adjacent to each other and separated from the juniors by a central piazza or the school chowk. The academic block is complete with laboratories for all the Sciences and Information Technology, a Library complex that includes an exhibition hall, resource centre, career counseling facility, audio visual lecture theatre, audio recording and dubbing studios as well as a language laboratory. The Library complex has a separate section for use by parents and children after school hours. The complex also has staff resource rooms and conference rooms. The Design and Technology Centre includes Art studios for ceramics and pottery, a handicrafts weaving workshop, carpentry, clay modeling and computer design and drafting studios, and photography and dark rooms.


The curriculum of the school has been developed keeping in mind the highest international standards and creative good practice.

  • Pre-School and Pre Primary Years

  • Junior School Years – classes 1 to 5

  • Middle School Years – classes 6 to 8

  • Senior School Years – classes 9 to 12

  • International Education


The team of dynamic, highly committed educators are grouped according to Faculties that work across curricula and integrate their teaching learning process.

  • Language Faculty

  • Mathematics Faculty

  • Science Faculty

  • Humanities Faculty

  • Technology Faculty

  • Performing Arts Faculty

  • Visual Arts Faculty

  • Physical Education Faculty


Facilities include:

Sports Facilities

  • 400 mtrs. track and field

  • Full size football/cricket pitch

  • Cricket practice nets

  • Separate playing fields/areas for juniors

  • Swimming & splash pool

  • All weather Tennis Courts

  • Fully equipped Gymnasium for aerobics, yoga and dance

  • Futsal (indoor Football) pitch

  • Handball Courts

  • Volleyball Courts

  • Indoor & Outdoor basketball courts and practice areas

  • Indoor badminton, table tennis areas

Special Education Needs

The Special Needs team at Step By Step works with the mainstream teaching faculty, Special Educators, Speech & Language pathologists, Occupational/Physiotherapists and Counselors/ Family Therapists. It also draws on the experience of visiting professionals such as Child Psychologists & Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, Pediatricians at the Early Intervention stage, Autistic Therapists, and Educational Psychologists from various institutions for assessments and evaluation purposes. Special attention will be given to the children in the area of Physical Education, Drama, Arts & Crafts, Computers and Performing Arts. At the senior classes emphasis will be on the areas of Communication Skills, Life Skills and IT.

Early Intervention Stage

There are many children who will benefit from early intervention when they suffer developmental delays and not all playschools are able to help them effectively. For this purpose alone Step by Step will be operating an Early Intervention Service alongside its other Special Education Needs services within school. This service is aimed for the Children who have developmental delays and have not found a place in a regular school or are attending playschools but do not have special education input.

Eligibility for early intervention is Under 5 years of age and are experiencing developmental delays in the following areas:

  • Cognitive development

  • Physical development (including vision and hearing)

  • Language and Speech development

  • Psycho-social development

  • Self –help skills

Children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Downs Syndrome may also experience delays and as such Early Intervention will be very necessary and helpful. Early Intervention Stage includes speech and language intervention, occupational therapy, family therapy and counseling and on going developmental assessments and evaluations.

The Early Intervention Stage at Step By Step is a clinic-based service, which requires parents/ the mother to be present at every sitting. The teaching is usually one on one and the parent is expected to collaborate with the educator on a daily basis. It functions as a teaching and demonstration centre where the emphasis is on bridging the gap in some cases and prevention of learning difficulties as far as possible.

Professional Development Center
All faculty at Step by Step will undertake both pre service and in service training as well as the Cambridge Diploma for International Teachers & Trainers.

The facilities at the Development Centre will be completed by February 2010.

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