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New Delhi

Ramjas School, R.K. Puram


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Ramjas School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi

Sector 4, R. K. Puram, New Delhi, Delhi [India]


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Central Board of Secondary Education

Central Board of Secondary Education



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Ramjas RKP is a full fledged 3 section school with a total strength of about 2000 students, with around a 100 teachers on roll. We are very consciously gearing ourselves to face the next millennium for the children with us today will be adults in a very different world and we need to prepare them for it. The need to develop an open, flexible, inter disciplinary and global curriculum has never been greater. Keeping this in mind we review our school programme periodically and incorporate these learning skills. We create as many opportunities as possible for this growth because for us each child who enters this school is somebody very-very special and that is the very essence and philosophy of this school.

Ramjas Foundation

All great ideas begin with a commitment to the future. It is with a strong commitment to the quest for excellence in the field of education, that Shri Rai Kedarnathji established the Ramjas Foundation. To be big, one has to think big; and for that one needs to have a dream, the vision, and above all, the ability to transform that dream into a reality. Such a visionary was Rai Kedarnathji - who, though born in a poor family, rose to become a sessions judge. During his struggle to educate himself, he realized the paucity of good educational institutions and their immense need in Delhi. This opportunity to be able to provide quality education as was his dream, came to be fulfilled when he promised his father, Shri Ramjas Malji, to carry forward the legacy of his name to the future.

Ramjas's History

On July 14, 1974 Ramjas School, R K Puram, a co-educational School started its long journey. The school was another mission, another dream visualized by the founder Rai Kedarnathji. The members of the Ramjas Trust, ever bent on carrying out the magnificent vision of a man who was more than a saint, set up this school and so established the identity of Ramjas in South Delhi. It had a non-commercial outlook and the school management decided to let the school grow in stages.

Rai Kedarnathji was a man of sterling qualities. He believed in action. He was an epitome of renunciation and altruism. His dedication, spirit of service, irrepressible zeal were hard to emulate. They are however qualities that inspired members of the Ramjas family.

Over the past many years, Ramjas RKP has covered respectable ground around the world in the field of education. England, Japan and Hungary are perhaps only a few of the international places Ramjas has bonded strongly with. We are proud of our foriegn relations and the hardwork done in making those relations.


Nursery Admissions: Registration for Nursery Class is Open. Registration Dates - 1st January to 15th January. Forms can be obtained from School Office between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Cost of the Registration Form Rs. 25/- only.

For EWS Category Registration Form is Free. EWS Candidates can Register upto 20th January. 25% Seats are reserved for EWS Category.

For other classes Registrations are done in the third/last week of March.


Ramjas RKP is commited to providing world class education to each one of its students. For that, numerous facilities are provided inside the school. Through these facilities, we believe in opening an array of exciting oppurtunities. Our labs, library, gymnasium and music room are equipped with the latest facilities. Today, Ramjas RKP has become one of the most respected and dynamic schools of India.

The large labs have been provided with the latest equipment and are constantly updated. Spacious and well lighted, the labs are suitably designed to encourage both individual and group learning. We have a Bio-Tech Lab, a Chemistry Lab, a Physics Lab, a Maths Lab and 2 Computer Labs.

Our library was built over a period of time and it houses some of the best books both in the area of reference and fiction. Extensively used by the students for projects and reference the library provides the right support system to lessons in the classrooms. The junior reading room with its informal atmosphere encourages the students to develop the right reading habits. The library is also seen as a information super-highway as we have Internet facilities and a large number of CD- ROMs for accessing information.

The school has two computer labs which are well equipped with the most advanced facilities. Learning through computers and learning about computers is a part of the school programme right from class I. There are 15-20 desktop computers in each lab, and all the computers are in excellent condition. These computers are up-to-date and of highest required configuration. Broad Band internet connection is provided (24 hours). Air Conditioning is also provided

Physical fitness and sports is greatly emphasised in the school curriculum. Basketball courts, football grounds and the field, lend itself for training in these areas. Besides a comprehensive gymnastics programme along with yoga, karate and taekwando ensure the all round development of a child. The well equipped gymnasium encourages both students and the staff to spend sometime on exercising everyday. Adventure activities are part and parcel of the school programme. Students are trained in the areas of rock climbing, trekking, mountaineering and para-gliding. Regular jungle camps (Vanshalas) are held for both juniors and seniors.

In line with the traditions of the school, music, dance and dramatics are given ample scope for growth. Students participate in a number of programmes and are also exposed to artists in the arena of music, dance and theatre. The emphasis is on traditional Indian art forms. The school choir, junior and senior, have earned itself a good reputation in Delhi.

Colourful, bright furniture suited to the different age groups in the art room creates the right environment for young artists to dabble in paint and colour. To paste, to draw and to create on their own with the teacher only as a facilitator is the very essence of the teaching of art at the school.

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