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New Era Public School, Mayapuri


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New Era Public School, Mayapuri, New Delhi

H-17, Mayapuri Road, Mayapuri, New Delhi, Delhi [India]


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Central Board of Secondary Education

Central Board of Secondary Education

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The dream project of Mr. R. L. Chopra and Mrs. Usha Chopra came into existence in one room, in the year 1960. The beginnings were modest, the goals were big. The aim was to design an institution which would in future become a beacon for excellence in education.

Almost 50 years on, as we look back, we are inspired yet again by the success story of a couple who dared to dream and work towards fulfilling that “vision” of an institution which has moulded thousands of lives and will continue to do so.


School Auditorium: The air conditioned School auditorium has the capacity to seat 700 people. The Saraswati Auditorium as it is called, is the centre of activity and the venue to all major Inter-House, Inter-School or their school functions.

The Saraswati Auditorium has proudly hosted functions in the past to felicitate famous Indian personalities, to create an awakening in the students through SPIC MACAY performances and to provide a platform to budding talent during various celebrations and Annual Day Functions.

Library: The school has two libraries, Primary and Senior. They are large, air-conditioned, computerized and up-to-date with about 10,000 books, ranging from magazines, periodicals and journals to biographies, fiction, reference books, dictionaries and books on scientific research.

Science Lab: The school has 4 laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology practicals. One lab. is a multipurpose lab. devoted to demonstrations for classes VI to VIII. They are airy and well ventilated. They are regularly updated according to the changing requirements of the students. The latest equipment and technology is used to impart hands – on experience to the students, so as to clarify their concepts, and prepare them for their Board Exams.

Science Park: It is an innovative concept, which is invaluable as an informal teaching venue. The Science Park at N.E.P.S. is a collection of gadgets, designed so as to inculcate a scientific temper among children, by covering various branches of Science, like Mechanics, Optics, Meteorology, Chemistry, Biology and Applied Science. It has become an inseparable facility that enables young minds to see ‘How Things Work’. The practical experience not only teaches them the principles of Science, but also inspires them to be more inquisitive and imaginative.

Audio-Visual Room: The air conditioned audio-visual room is equipped with the latest teaching aids, like electronic white board, colour television, VCR, OHP, audio and video tapes, display boards, and white / black boards for effective classroom teaching, informative workshops, seminars and talks by learned guests and visiting faculty.

Computer Lab. The campus has 4 computer laboratories with advanced infrastructure to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. One lab. is exclusively for classes X, XI and XII, two classes VI-IX, and one for primary classes. The labs are equipped with the latest hardware and software, with structured cabling and access to internet.

Maths Lab.: The Maths Lab. is a need-oriented innovation, which enables the students to avail of the latest teaching trends in Mathematics. The Maths Lab. in the school is equipped with the latest equipment and is an excellent platform for the students to clarify their concepts. Models are used for classes VI-X, and are based on the complete syllabus in general, and geometry in particular. Charts are used for pictorial representation of data.

Smart Class: Computer Aided Learning: Computers are installed in each classroom (VI-X) where teachers and students can access various information available on the school’s local server. This entails display of digital content on a large interactive touch screen surface in these classrooms where the screen serves also as a conventional “blackboard”.

The teacher can work through the sever and get online content, tests and multimedia resources. This helps teachers make abstract concepts clear and make the overall experience of learning much more stimulating and meaningful.

Lecture Theatre: The Lecture Theatre with a seating capacity of 150 is utilized for seminars, workshops and guest lectures etc.

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