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DAV Public School, Pushpanjali Enclave


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DAV Public School, Pushpanjali Enclave, Delhi

Pitampura, Delhi, Delhi [India]


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Central Board of Secondary Education

Central Board of Secondary Education

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The school was established in January,1989 with 400 students on roll and 20 staff members teaching and non teaching) to begin with. In a short span of time it made a quantum leap and made a phenomenal progress. At the ripe young age of 18 the strength has reached the toll of 4,000 students and 200 staff members teaching and non teaching).

The School spread over an area of 4 acres, with a separate kindergarten wing, aims at excellence in all fields and extracurricular activities. Our success in the C.B.S.E. Board Exams over the past years is a proud but humble example of our achievements. The school boasts of a sound infrastructure and a sound team of teachers both ensuring to bring out the best in each .

Admission Procedure

  • Registration for admission should be made in the prescribed form issued from January 3rd week.

  • Entrance test for all Classes other than L.K.G and U.K.G will be held in February 2nd week.

  • List of qualified students for admission will be displayed on the school notice board.

  • Students not selected for a particular class may be granted admission in a lower class, if seats are available.

  • No one has a right to demand admission by virtue of registration.


Physics Lab
The Physics lab is fully equipped with apparatus to carry out experiments and investigatory projects related to mechanics, light, magnetism, electricity, heat and optics.

Chemistry Lab
The Chemistry department of D.A.V. Public School Offers courses in Chemistry up to class XII as per CBSE requirements and syllabus. The department has well-qualified, experienced instructors and laboratory facilities for regular practical and project work.

Biology Lab
D.A.V. has well organized and well equipped Biology Lab in the Senior wing. Preserved Specimen, Charts and prepared slides depict how complex forms of life were evolved from simpler ones.

Computer Lab
Computers are now omnipresent. They touch and affect every aspect of our lives. Job efficiency today and employability itself tomorrow will depend upon a person's command over computers.

Robotics Lab
The school has a well equipped Robotics Lab with the state of the art kits for assembling the Robots and the different attachment kits to understand the concept of working of any type of Robots.

Mathematics Lab
Maths is supposed to be a very dry subject, usually difficult for students to understand and often feared, but this is a myth. It is the most interesting and a practical subject, if taught in a playway method in a lab.

Geography Lab
Everyone knows Geography is a practical subject that can be better enjoyed in a lab where motion pictures about the Earth and the universe can be shown for a better understanding of the subject.

Jil Lab
In this lab, many educational subject capsules, teaching various concepts and phenomenon for enhancing the knowledge of the students are showed on screen to them. Here the text book knowledge is complemented by giving extra knowledge linked with their day to day experiences for a better understanding of the subject matter. Thus, JIL labs are a happening corner for the students.

Art & Craft
Art & Craft relaxes the child’s mind and gives pace to his imagination and skills. Though some students have God gifted talents, others have to be taught and nurtured with guidance.

  • Enhances hand skills and creativity.

  • Reusing and recycling things.

  • Making useful and beautiful things out of waste material.

Music & Dance
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We have labs for creative expression, as well. Dance and Music have a relaxing impact on a stressed mind. Thus, dance and Music appeal to the aesthetic nature of students and the dance and music room are a much sought after place in the school.

Home Science
Home Science prepares one for satisfying personal and community life. In the lab, students are given an insight into the Home Management, Money Management , Textile and Clothing. and general basics of the benefits of making and eating the right kinds of nutritive healthy food required by the body in the most delicious mouth watering methods which satisfies the taste and palates of all age groups. Creating an interest and aura with the right eye catching presentation and proper table manners is the need of the day.

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