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Analog Synthesizers

Mark Jenkins

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Analog Electronics

Author: Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins

Published by: Focal Press

Focal Press

ISBN Code: 978-0240520728


Price in Indian Rupees

Rs. 1500

Understanding, Performing, Buying- from the legacy of Moog to software synthesis (Paperback) Book Description: In this book, the technical explanation of the nature of analog sound creation is followed by the story of its birth and its subsequent development by various designers, manufacturers and performers. The individual components of analog sound creation are then examined in detail, with step by step examples of sound creation techniques. Then the modern imitative analog instruments are examined, again with detailed instructions for programming and using them, and the book is completed with appendices listing the major instrument lines available, hints on values and purchasing, other sources of information, and a discography of readily available recordings which give good examples of analog sound synthesis. The CD which accompanies the book gives many examples of analog sound creation basics as well as more advanced techniques, and of the abilities of the individual instruments associated with classical and with imitative analog sound synthesis. * A complete history of analog sound in one work * Interviews with industry Legends and developers of of analog synthesizers * Audio CD of demo sounds and tuitional pieces to illustrate the processes discussed in the book

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