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NCERT Survey: Class 10 Students Performed Worst in Maths

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) conducted it’s National Achievement Survey (NAS) for the year 2018 recently. This survey is conducted in order to inspect the result of learning in the country.

In the survey, students of class 10 have performed the worst in mathematics.

In the average performance, Andhra Pradesh performs the best at 40.94 per cent while Sikkim gives the lowest outcome with 27 per cent.

“We have prepared district-wise data so that states can prepare a strategy accordingly. Within the states, too, some districts require major interventions while they can also follow the best practices districts that have performed well,” a senior NCERT official told

At a glance:

  • The survey was conducted in 610 districts across the country for class 10 students
  • 1.5 million students participated in the survey
  • The survey was conducted in 44,514 schools across India

On the other hand,

The performance of Delhi was remarkable in average score in five subjects while J&K gave poor performance in four of the five subjects.

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