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English Essay On Family Planning In India

According to its definition, family planning determines how many children you will have and how far apart by using contraceptive methods such as birth control. Although this is ideally supposed to be a personal choice, countries with burgeoning populations such as China and India institute family planning policies to control population growth.

Family Planning In India Essay In English for Students And Children

Below are some essays on family planning in India and its role, causes and effects. The family planning essays are of different lengths (word limit) and will help you in your exams / assignments. Choose whichever family planning essay you want depending upon your requirement.


Short Essay On Family Planning In India – Essay 1 [200 Words]


India has the world’s second largest population at 1.3 billion people. It is projected that at the current growth rate, our population will exceed China’s by the year 2028. As per the UN, which made this projection, the growth rate of the population in India is significantly higher than that of China. Indian lawmakers recognized the urgency of the situation very early on and, therefore, the government instituted family planning policies.

History of Family Planning

India has the distinction of being the first country in the developing world to start a family planning program that was state-sponsored. This program was started in 1952 and was called the National Family Planning Program. At first, the program was focused on contraceptive measures such as birth control. However, as time passed, the program encompassed other aspects of family health such as nutrition, family welfare and mother and child health. Eventually, the name of the department was also changed from Family Planning Department to Family Welfare Program to showcase this advancement in policy.

Current Status of Family Planning

Over the decades, both state and central governments have done a lot to implement the program at different levels of society. This includes methods such as spreading awareness through public service announcements and door-to-door campaigns, encouraging the two-child norm through monetary incentives, emphasis on education for boys and girls and focusing a lot of efforts in the rural areas.


These Family Planning measures have certainly been successful, as the decrease in the population growth rate demonstrates. However, factors such as poverty, preference of sons to daughter and traditional thinking are major roadblocks to complete success.


Essay On The Family Planning: Its Need – Essay 2 [250 Words]


As of June 2018, the total population of the world stands at 7.6 billion. Out of this, 3.2 billion people were added by developing countries over the last 50 years. If the current projections continue, 3.1 billion more will be added by these countries. The fact is that the world’s population is growing substantially and this growth is showing few signs of slowing down.

Need for Family Planning

Family planning is needed both at an individual level and at a global level. For a family, being able to plan when and how many children they will have can allow them to have fewer children to whom they can devote more energy, time and resources. It also affects the health of the children; if the children are spaced too close or if there are too many children the mortality rates are higher.

For a country, a burgeoning population puts a lot of pressure on its natural and built resources. Housing an ever increasing population, educating the people, having healthcare in place and providing employment – all of these factors become hugely challenging when the population grows exponentially. Family planning is definitely needed for such countries so that they can control the growth of their populations and have enough resources for everyone. The pressure on the environment also eases when population growth slows down as does the demand for finite natural resources.


Family planning is needed at both an individual and worldwide level. There aren’t enough resources to go around and what resources there are aren’t distributed equally. Therefore, it becomes absolutely essential that everyone be educated about family planning and the benefits it brings.


Essay On Importance Of Family Planning – Essay 3 [400 Words]


Right up until the 20th century, people, especially women, could only rely on luck or prayers when it came to family planning. People who wanted children couldn’t always have them. People who didn’t want too many children or wanted to have children further apart couldn’t do anything to accomplish this. The only reliable method for birth control was abstinence, a method that didn’t appeal to everyone. Now, however, many different family planning methods are available and this availability has made significant changes to people’s lives.

Importance of Family Planning

Family planning affects many different aspects of someone’s life, the two major ones being finances and health. First of all, thanks to family planning methods, couples can decide when they are in a financial position to have children. This becomes important when one considers the cost of healthcare during a pregnancy and then the costs of bringing up the children including food, shelter, clothing and education.

Birth control allows couples to decide when they are ready to bear these costs. Second, planning children properly spaced apart helps women’s health. As per the USAID or the United States Agency for International Development, if a mother has children spaced less than two years apart or more than five years apart, both the mother’s and the child’s health can be impacted.

Family planning isn’t important only for individual families, it is also important for countries and for the world. One of the biggest problems we face today is overpopulation. We have a global population that far exceeds the resources that are available to us. Family planning helps to bring down the growth rate of the population so that the burden on our resources, if not exactly eased, is at least not increased. China’s one-child policy and India’s two-child policy are examples of countries that are overpopulated using family planning methods to control their populations.


While most people often use birth control and family planning synonymously, the fact is that family planning is far more than merely preventing conception. It is the best way for couples to chart their future, for women to control their own bodies and for countries to control population growth. Many may disagree on religious or moral grounds but the fact remains that family planning is an absolute necessity in the 21st century.

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