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School Peon

10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 5]

A school Picnic: Essay For Primary Class


  • Picnic for joy and pleasure.
  • Our school picnic.
  • Reaching there by buses.
  • Various enjoyments.
  • Delightful, cannot forgets.

A picnic is a time of enjoyment. It is a time when we taken food and eat it outdoors. It is done at some attractive place. A picnic gives us much pleasure.

Once we were taken for a picnic by our school. There were many buses. We gathered at the school in the morning. We had fruits, sweetmeats, cold-drinks and types of food with us. Some had cameras. Some other had musical instruments.

Our teachers were with us. We reached the picnic spot by bus. The journey was short. We enjoyed singing, playing and roaming at the beautiful place. Under the tall and green trees we enjoyed food and soft drinks.

In the evening we returned home. It was very delightful school picnic. I shall never forget it.

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