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School Peon

10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 5]

My School Canteen: Essay For Primary Class

  • Why a canteen is needed.
  • School canteen – big, clean, on contract.
  • Fixed prices – surprise check.
  • In recess, a crowded place.

A canteen is a place where meals are provided. The price of meals here is usually cheap. A canteen is required in a school. Students and teachers need tiffin during recess. Sometimes a student may not carry his tiffin from home.

There is a big and nice canteen in our school. It is kept neat and clean. There is no smoke of bad smell. It is in a corner of our school. It has been given on contract. The man who runs it is a good fellow.

The prices of eatables, tea soft drinks are fixed. Everything here is fresh. Fruits are also sold here. Our principal often makes a surprise check of the canteen.

During recess, it is a crowded place. We are satisfied with our canteen.

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